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I think…

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

1. I think … I’m glad I had RB Chris Johnson on my team in one league. But I am not so glad I had to play against him in another.

2. I think … RB Cedric Benson is shaping up to be a very nice RB2. He is tied with RB Michael Turner for the most carries in the league through 2 weeks.

3. I think … the GB offense has disappointed thus far. The OL is the problem. And it could have a major affect on QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Ryan Grant, and WR Greg Jennings if it does not improve.

4. I think … NYJ CB Darrelle Revis is very good. He held WR Andre Johnson to 4 catches for 35 yards in week 1 and WR Randy Moss to 4 catches for 24 yards in week 2. I might consider benching your WRs against him.

5. I think … RB Darren Sproles is not a great RB. But, damn, he is great when he gets the ball in space. He is worth starting every week, especially while RB LaDainian Tomlinson is hurt.

6. I think … RB Felix Jones could benefit greatly if RB Marion Barber misses any time due to his quad injury. But watch for RB Tashard Choice to get some touches, too.

7. I think … As (I) expected, WR Devin Hester is not a real WR. However, its a little surprising to see rookie WR Jonny Knox has become the leading WR in Chicago.

8. I think … I love the NFL. QB Jay Cutler throws 4 INTs and CHI loses go GB in week 1. Then CHI beats PIT in week 2, and GB loses to CIN. So tough early on to tell who is for real.

9. I think … QB Matt Ryan is the real deal. And TE Tony Gonzalez is his new best friend.

10. I think … I was wrong about WR Dominic Hixon. It looks like WR Mario Manningham and WR Steve Smith are going to lead the way. One or both might even be available in your league.


This is what I think…

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

1. I think RB Leon Washington is underrated. He had 19 touches in week 1 after averaging 7.7 last year. I think NYJ wants to get him involved more. Which is a good thing.

2. I think I hate DAL. When I was in the old stadium, I quickly made my way to the 50-yard line and spat on the star. That is how much I hate DAL. But I will admit, seeing QB Tony Romo pass for a career high in yards in his first game after WR Terrell Owens left made me smile.

3. I think the OAK defense looks a lot better with Greg Ellis and Richard Seymour on the DL. Now if they could just find a QB who was not grossly overweight and had a forehead that did not resemble that of a caveman.

4. I think RB Adrian Peterson is a beast. Watching him literally throw defenders off him was comical. But you almost feel bad for CLE. Remember, it was CLE who got abused in a similar fashion by RB Jamal Lewis a few years ago.

5. I think RB Ray Rice looked very good as the featured RB in BAL. But, as expected, RB Willis McGahee and RB LeRon McClain stole his TDs. Why didn’t he try a little harder to score on his run down inside the 5 yard line? He must hate his fantasy owners.

6. I think I feel bad for anyone who drafted CAR WR Steve Smith this year. QB Jake Delhomme looks absolutely terrible. I might even take the fat caveman over him.

7. I think the RBBC in OAK with RB Michael Bush and RB Darren McFadden may render both of them useless due to unpredictability. Although Bush has an edge as the goal line back.

8. I think you can count me among the people who did not think QB Drew Brees was worth a 1st round pick. Right now, anyone who took him that high is pretty happy with themselves. But he can’t throw for 6 TDs every game, can he? No, really … Can he?

9. I think I am still not convinced that RB Darren Sproles can be an every-down RB. He looks good when he gets the ball in space, but he has a hard time running inside. Which limits his value. But with RB LaDainian Tomlinson suffering an ankle injury, and SD cutting RB Gartrell Johnson, we may see a lot more of Sproles.

10. I think there is no better player in the NFL who is stuck on a worse team than RB Steven Jackson? (Maybe WR Calvin Johnson?) You have to feel bad for S-Jax. Let him run behind the MIN OL and we would be talking about the possibility of 2,000 yards rushing, just like we are with AP.

Week 2 Waiver Wire

September 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are some names to consider adding to your roster if they are available in your league:

QB Trent Edwards (BUF): He has OL issues, but he also has weapons. A solid backup.

QB Joe Flacco (BAL): Flacco looked sharper than expected in his first action of 2009. He could surprise some people this year.

RB Cedric Benson (CIN): He is the main ball carrier in CIN. Which is worth something.

RB Mike Bell (NO): His value depends on the health of RB Pierre Thomas, who could be back as soon as this week. But if Thomas misses any more time, Bell is a good short-term fix.

RB Michael Bush (OAK): The Raiders love to run the ball, and Bush looked pretty good against SD. He is in a RBBC with RB Darren McFadden, but he appears to be the goal line RB.

RB Cadillac Williams (TB): I love Cadillac for coming back from not one, but two patella tendon injuries and still looking like a real NFL RB. But I hate the fact that this means I will have to deal with awful car-related puns and jokes all season.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): Hightower fell in drafts and even went undrafted in many leagues due to concerns that RB Beanie Wells would steal his carries. But ARI used him extensively, especially in the passing game, in week 1.

WR Chaz Schilens (OAK): Schilens probably will not be back this week, but he could be back next week. I think he has the potential to be a solid WR3 once he works his way back into game-shape.

WR Kenny Britt (TEN): Britt made a pretty good showing in week 1 for a TEN team that threw the ball surprisingly well.

WR Steve Smith (NYG): Smith is a solid possession WR that should get consistent looks — he had 8 in week 1 — but likely will never have a blow up game.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): Yeah. Two TEN WRs. Who knew? Gage had 7 catches for 78 yards and a TD in week 1.

WR Austin Collie (IND): Collie should get quite a few more looks with WR Anthony Gonzalez sidelined.

TE Jeremy Shockey (NO): After having zero TDs last year, Shockey had 2 TDs in week 1. I think he will have a solid year.

TE Zach Miller (OAK): Based on the game against SD, QB Jamarcus Russell, Miller could get a lot of looks. Which might even turn into a few catches.

TE Brent Celek (PHI): As expected, Celek was a big part of the passing game in PHI. If McNabb is out for any extended period of time, Celek could become even more valuable, as any backup QB will likely look for an outlet.

Did I forget anyone? Probably. But this is good enough for now.

Three Losers & a Douchebag

September 14, 2009 1 comment

Each Monday, I will write a post entitled “Three Losers & a Douchebag”, where I will identify “Three Losers” — guys who were likely in your starting lineup and should have played well but failed miserably — and “a Douchebag” — a guy who should not have played well but did (and was likely either on your bench or on your opponent’s starting roster, adding to the pain and annoyance). It has very little (read: absolutely zero) relevance to what may or may not happen next week. Mostly it is just my way of venting.

Three Losers

1. QB Matt Schaub (HOU): I know NYJ has a solid defense. But all you could muster is 166 yards passing, 0 TDs and 1 INT? Painful. Even QB Marc Bulger outscored you in standard leagues. Which is even more painful.

2.WR Andre Johnson (HOU): I suppose it is not surprising to see Johnson on this list considering the day Schaub had. But people obviously expected more from Johnson, who was consistently drafted as a top-3 WR. Unfortunately, he started the season with a 4-catch, 35 yard performance. Which means you would have been better off with WR Kelley Washington (BAL) or WR Bryant Johnson (DET) in your lineup. Ouch.

3. WR Steve Smith (CAR): Smith had 3 catches for 21 yards. Most — okay, all — of this can be blamed on QB Jake Delhomme, who looked awful. Smith did garner 13 looks. But 3 catches and 21 yards is not what people expected out of Smith when they took him as high as they did. Hopefully Delhomme gets his act together, or it is going to be a long season (mostly involving blocking) for Smith.

And a Douchebag

WR Brandon Stokley (DEN): Seriously — WTF? You had zero catches until the pass intended for WR Brandon Marshall was tipped and miraculously landed in your hands. Then you took the ball and ran for a TD, giving you 1 catch for 87 yards and a TD on the day. Which is worth 14.7 points. You went from zero to 14.7 points in a matter of seconds. And the play won DEN the game. There are more than a few games out there who’s outcome was determined by this unbelievable turn of events.

Training Camp Position Battles

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

All 32 NFL teams are now in training camp. Which means there are plenty of position battles that you should be aware of as your fantasy draft approaches. I wrote about some NFC and AFC position battles a couple weeks ago, but I thought it would be worthwhile to update them now that camps are in full-swing. I did not include much (read: any) discussion of the battles. I just listed them so you can be aware. I did, however, list them in the order I expect the final depth charts to reflect. Check back as training camps progress to get updates on the key camp battles that will affect your fantasy draft.

AFC North
BAL RB: Ray Rice v. Willis McGahee v. Le’Ron McClain
CIN QB: Carson Palmer v. His Elbow
CLE RB: Jamal Lewis v. James Davis v. Jerome Harrison
PIT RB: Willie Parker v. Rashard Mendenhall v. Mewelde Moore

AFC South
Joseph Addai v. Donald Brown
IND WR3: Pierre Garcon v. Austin Collie
JAX RB2: Chauncey Washington v. Rashad Jennings v. Greg Jones
TEN WR: Nate Washington v. Justin Gage

AFC East
MIA WR2: Greg Camarillo v. Devon Bess
NE RB: Fred Taylor v. Sammy Morris v. Kevin Faulk v. Laurence Maroney
NYJ RB: Thomas Jones v. Shonn Green v. Leon Washington
NYJ QB: Mark Sanchez v. Kellen Clemens

AFC West
DEN RB: Knowshon Moreno v. Correll Buckhalter v. Peyton Hillis v. Ryan Torain
KC RB: Larry Johnson v. Jamaal Charles v. Kolby Smith
SD WR2: Chris Chambers v. Malcolm Floyd v. Buster Davis
OAK RB: Darren McFadden v. Michael Bush v. Justin Fargas

NFC North
CHI WR1: Devin Hester v. Earl Bennet v. Rashied Davis
DET QB: Dante Culpeper v. Matthew Stafford
GB WR3: James Jones v. Jordy Nelson
GB TE: Jermichael Finley v. Donald Lee
MIN QB: Sage Rosenfels v. Tavaris Jackson
MIN WR2: Sidney Rice v. Percey Harvin

NFC South
NO WR2: Lance Moore v. Robert Meachem
NO WR3: Robert Meachem v. Devery Henderson
TB QB: Byron Leftwich v. Josh Freeman v. Luke McCown
TB RB: Earnest Graham v. Derrick Ward
TB WR2: Michael Clayton v. Maurice Stovall

NFC East
Ahmad Bradshaw v. Andre Brown v. Danny Ware
DAL WR2: Patrick Crayton v. Austin Miles v. Sam Hurd
NYG WR: Dominic Hixon v. Steve Smith v. Mario Manningham v. Hakeem Nicks v. Ramses Barden
NYG WR2: Steve Smith v. Mario Manningham v. Hakeem Nicks v. Ramses Barden
PHI WR2: Kevin Curtis v. Jeremy Maclin
WAS WR2: Devin Thomas v. Antwaan Randle-El v. Malcolm Kelley

NFC West
AR RB: Tim Hightower v. Beanie Wells
SF QB: Shaun Hill v. Alex Smith
STL WR2: Laurent Robinson v. Keenan Burton

More Sleepers

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Here is another discussion regarding potential sleepers. Some of these names appeared on my previous list of 2009 sleepers, but some of them are new. Either way, here are some guys to keep your eyes on during the preseason and during the later rounds of your fantasy draft.

QB Kyle Orton (DEN): Most of the focus has been on QB Jay Cutler as a result of the offseason swap of the two QBs, but I think Orton could benefit the most. Orton was actually playing fairly well last year before an ankle injury derailed his season. And now he is in Denver, with a capable stable of RBs, WR Brandon Marshall and WR Eddie Royal as his main targets on the outside, and a coach who loves to throw the ball. The system is set up very well for Orton, who does not have great arm strength, but is pretty accurate. He is going pretty late in most drafts, but should end up out-performing his draft position by quite a bit.

RB James Davis: He should be the top backup to RB Jamal Lewis in Cleveland. And Lewis has seemingly been on his last legs for a couple years. I would not be surprised to see Lewis give way to Davis as the season progresses. It is also worth noting that Davis broke all of Lewis’ high school rushing records.

RB Andre Brown (NYG): Most people assume that RB Ahmad Bradshaw will assume the role vacated by RB Derrick Ward and pile up the yards in 2009. However, I do not think Bradshaw is that type of back. In fact, I think Brown has a chance to step in a claim quite a few carries in the NYG’s RB rotation. Also remember that RB Brandon Jacobs has a tendency to suffer nagging injuries.

RB Jamaal Charles (KC): There are rumors abound that RB Larry Johnson will have to fight for his starting spot. Now, this may just be the new coaches forcing the formerly-disgruntled RB to work harder. But it also could be due to the fact that Johnson is apparently not a great fit for new HC Todd Haley’s pass-central offense. Charles is a bit undersized, but has great speed and could excel in a more open offense. Keep an eye on Johnson, though. He reportedly showed up at camp weighing 223 pounds, after checking in at over 230 pounds last year. He is said to be in the best shape of his career. Maybe Johnson is the real sleeper here?

RB Ray Rice (BAL): I love Ray Rice in 2009. He is the starting RB on a team that loves to run — they ran more than any other team in the NFL in 2008. Obviously, RB Willis McGahee and RB Le’Ron McClain will steal some carries, but I think Rice will be the main ball carrier, getting around 20 carries per game. He loses some value, because McClain will likely steal the goal line carries, but Rice has solid hands, so he should put up good yardage totals. Either way, he is usually going pretty late in most drafts, so he should easily out-perform his draft position.

WR Robert Meachem (NO): Meachem was very talented coming out of Tennessee, but simply was not able to stay healthy and/or pick up the system thus far. However, coming into the 2009 season, QB Drew Brees has been raving about this kid. Now, normally, this might be shrugged off as a QB talking up a fellow teammate. But when you consider that in 2007, Brees kept talking up a guy by the name of WR Marques Colston, and in 2008, Brees was high on previously unheard of WR Lance Moore, you start to think that maybe you should pay attention. How well Meachem does is anyone’s guess. But with praise like that from Mr. Brees, you best keep him on your radar.

WR Limas Sweed (PIT): He was expected to be a very high draft pick while at the University of Texas, but a wrist injury and some other issues pushed him down on draft day. And then he was nearly invisible as a rookie in Pittsburgh. But rumors out of camp are that Sweed is looking very good and should be in line for the 3rd WR spot behind WR Hines Ward and WR Santonio Holmes. Although there are not a ton of passing yards to go around in Pittsburgh, due to his size, Sweed could develop into a nice redzone target, if nothing else.

WR Dominic Hixon (NYG): A lot of the focus in the preseason has been on rookies WR Hakeem Nicks and WR Ramses Barden. However, I doubt either one of these guys will have an impact in 2009. Instead, the NYGs will make due with guys like Hixon, WR Steve Smith, and WR Mario Manningham. Smith is more of a possession WR, and Manningham is an unknown quantity after being injured for most of 2008. Hixon, however, showed us last year that he has some talent, and should step into the role of the #1 WR this year. The Giants run the ball a ton, so do not expect Fitzgerald-like numbers. But he is worth taking late in your draft, probably even after someone else takes Nicks.

WR Earl Bennett (CHI): Count me among the people who do not believe WR Devin Hester is a legitimate #1 WR in the NFL. Couple that with the lack of other WR options in Chicago, and all of a sudden second-year WR Earl Bennett becomes intriguing, especially considering that he and QB Jay Cutler used to be college teammates. Will we see a reprise of the Jay and Earl Show in Chicago?

WR Josh Morgan (SF): I still like Morgan. I liked him last year. And despite the presence of WR Michael Crabtree (assuming he actually plays in 2009), I still like him this year. Obviously, the QB situation in SF is less than desirable. But that does not mean Morgan will not put up decent numbers. Remember, he had a TD catch in every game he started in 08. Which shows that the guy can get open. He is worth taking late for depth and could turn into a solid WR3.

TE Kevin Boss (NYG): Boss had a solid rookie campaign and is reported to have developed a very good chemistry with QB Eli Manning so far in camp. Which is good, because I think Eli will be looking to his TE a lot in 2009. Although I do think Hixon is a sleeper at WR, I do not expect the Giants’ WRs as a group to be all that dangerous. Which means that Eli will have to look to his TE a lot.

Packers Defense: Usually I would not bother to even include a defense on a list like this. But I think the Packers are going to be much better on defense this year than in 2008. They have a very good secondary, an improved defensive line, and they are switching to the 3-4, which should help them get more pressure on the QB. Are they going to be as good as the Ravens or Steelers? No. But if you wait until the very end of your draft to get a defense (like I do), I think they are a great value.

WR Rankings

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are my Top 10 WRs for 2009:

1. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
2. Andre Johnson (HOU)
3. Randy Moss (NE)
4. Steve Smith (CAR)
5. Calvin Johnson (DET)
6. Greg Jennings (GB)
7. Reggie Wayne (IND)
8. Roddy White (ATL)
9. Terrell Owens (BUF)
10. Dwayne Bowe (KC)

Click here for the rest of the rankings.

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