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Week 3 Injury Update

September 28, 2009 1 comment

Here are some key injury updates…

QB Chad Pennington (MIA): Pennington (shoulder) could be done for the year. QB Chad Henne will likely take over, and could be a decent QB2 against favorable matchups. But I would wait and see what he does.

QB Marc Bulger (STL): Bulger (shoulder) could miss some time. If he is out, QB Kyle Boller will start in his place. Boller actually looked alright against GB.

RB Frank Gore (SF): Gore (ankle) could miss a couple weeks. Go get RB Glenn Coffee now.

RB Kevin Smith (DET): It sounds like Smith (shoulder) should be okay, but if you own him, consider adding RB Maurice Morris.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): Westbrook (ankle) missed this week’s game with an ankle injury, and it is not clear when he will be back. Go get RB LeSean McCoy now.

RB Marion Barber (DAL): Barber (thigh) is inactive for the game tonight against CAR. Watch to see how DAL uses RB Felix Jones and RB Tashard Choice tonight, because Barber could miss another game or two.’

RB Jamal Lewis (CLE): Lewis was out this week. RB James Harrison got most of the carries in his absence, with RB James Davis getting some touches, as well. But neither really did much. And I would probably avoid any CLE players for the time being, given their woes on offense.

RB Willie Parker (PIT): Parker (toe) is dealing with a minor case of turf toe, which is a notoriously annoying injury. If Parker misses any time, RB Rashard Mendenhall would get the start. Although he has not looked good and the PIT OL is marginal.

WR Wes Welker (NE): Welker missed his second game in a row. WR Julian Edelman played in his place but did not have another Welker-esque outing. Edelman could be worth a roster spot, though, if Welker misses any more time.

WR Laurent Robinson (STL): Robinson (ankle) is likely done for the year after breaking his lower leg. Which is too bad. He was having a great start to the season. I expect WR Keenan Burton to get some extra looks with Robinson out.

WR Chris Henry (CIN): Henry (thigh) has been battling a leg injury all year, which could explain why he has yet to explode onto the scene like I expected/predicted. Or maybe he is just not going to explode. Either way, while he is slowed by injury, WR Andre Caldwell seems to be getting some extra looks.


Week 2 Injury Report

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are some notable players who are injured and what you should do about it:

QB Matt Cassel (KC): Cassel (knee) is expected to be a game-time decision (GTD). I would avoid him. OAK has a solid pass defense.

QB Donovan McNabb (PHI): McNabb (ribs) is out this week and could even miss a couple more.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub (ankle) is reportedly feeling better and will be close to 100% this week against TEN.

Some possible fill-ins who might be available on waivers include:  QB Trent Edwards (BUF), QB Shaun Hill (SF), QB Mark Sanchez (NYJ), QB Byron Leftwich (TB), and QB Jason Campbell (WAS).

RB LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): Tomlinson (ankle) is out. RB Darren Sproles should get some extra touches. And RB Michael Bennett might even get some work.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO): Thomas (knee) was looking good-to-go earlier this week, but now is reportedly questionable (50-50). I would avoid him. But since he might play, it makes using RB Mike Bell somewhat risky.

Some possible fill-ins at RB who might be available on waivers include: RB Michael Bush (OAK), RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG), RB Leon Washington (NYJ), RB Kevin Faulk (NE), and RB Correll Buckhalter (DEN).

WR Anquan Boldin (AZ): Boldin (hamstring) is questionable (50-50) but I say he will probably play (which, of course, means he will not). I wish AZ would rest him. But he generally refuses to sit unless he absolutely has to (i.e. last year when he broke his jaw — and even then he only missed two games).

WR Anthony Gonzalez (IND): Gonzalez (knee) is expected to miss up to 8 weeks. WR Pierre Garcon should step into his spot and is worth a start if you are hurting for WRs.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): Bryant (knee) suffered a set-back last week and is unlikely to play. Avoid him either way. WR Michael Clayton played well last week and makes a solid start with Bryant out.

WR Andrew Walter (HOU): WTF? Is every single WR who’s name starts with “A” injured this week?

WR Steve Breaston (AZ): Breaston (knee) is questionable (50-50). If he (and Boldin) are out, WR Jerheme Urban will get more looks and makes a soild start.

If you are desperate at WR this week, consider these guys (who are probably on waivers): WR Laurent Robinson, WR Pierre Garcon, WR Kenny Britt, WR Michael Clayton, WR Jerheme Urban, WR Robert Meachem, WR Davone Bess, and WR Chansi Stuckey.

Anyone I missed? Post a comment if you have a question about an injured player and I will get back to you…

Week 1 Injury Report

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

So, it’s finally here. Week 1 of the NFL season. Which means it is time to stop bragging about how sweet your team is and try to figure out how to win your week 1 matchup. Hopefully you are not dealing with any injured players, but just in case you are, here is a rundown of who is injured and whether you can expect them to play.

QB Kurt Warner (ARI): Warner (hip) is old and has a crazy wife, but he will play in week 1.

QB Carson Palmer (CIN): Palmer (ankle) will play in week 1.

QB Kyle Orton (DEN): Orton (finger) is expected to start in week 1.

QB Matt Cassel (KC): Cassel’s (knee) status for week 1 is still unclear.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub (ankle) will be in the lineup in week 1.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX): MJD (shin) has missed practice and his status for week 1 is unclear. But until we hear otherwise, I think he will be in the lineup. His touches may be limited though. So expect rookie RB Rashad Jennings and RB/FB Greg Jones to get some extra work.

RB Jonathan Stewart (CAR): Stewart’s (achilles) status for week 1 is in doubt. RB DeAngelo Williams should benefit greatly from this. Also, rookie RB Mike Goodson could get some extra work.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): Westbrook (knee, ankle) had 2 offseason surgeries, but is expected to be in the lineup in week 1.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO): Thomas’ (knee) status for week 1 is in doubt. Grab RB Mike Bell if he is available in your league. He should do well against DET.

RB Clinton Portis (WAS): Portis (ribs) is back at practice and will start at RB in week 1.

RB Reggie Bush (NO): Bush (knee) should play in week 1, but he is not 100%.

RB Knowshon Moreno (DEN): Moreno (knee) is on schedule to play in week 1. But I do not expect him to get a full load quite yet.

RB Beanie Wells (ARI): Wells (ankle) seems to be fully-recoverd from his ankle injury, but RB Tim Hightower is the starter as of now.

RB Marshawn Lynch (BUF): Lynch (suspension) will miss the first 3 games. RB Fred Jackson should see a majority of the touches in his absence.

RB Fred Jackson (BUF): Jackson (wrist) should be ready to go. RB Xavier Omon would get some touches if Jackson is not 100% healthy.

WR Greg Jennings (GB): Jennings (concussion) is ready to go in week 1.

WR Anquan Boldin (ARI): Boldin (hamstring) has missed practices recently, but I think he will be ready for week 1.

WR Terrell Owens (BUF): Owens’ (toe) is supposed to be ready and should be on the field this weekend.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): Bryant (knee) is expected to be ready for week 1.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): Avery (foot) should be available for the week 1 game.

WR Chaz Schilens (OAK): Schilens (foot) will miss the first couple weeks of the season.

WR Nate Washington (TEN): Washington (hamstring) is expected to miss a week or 2.

WR Mike Sims-Walker (JAX): Sims-Walker (aknle) finally got on the field in the JAX preseason finale (and caught a TD). His status in the lineup is unclear, but he should be healthy enough to play.

WR Steve Breaston (ARI): Breaston (knee) is expected to be ready for week 1.

WR Michael Crabtree (SF): I have yet to confirm this, but I believe Crabtree must have hit his head very hard. Because the sh!t this guy is pulling is insane.

Did I miss anyone? I hope not. Post a comment if you have a question about a player that is not listed here and I will get back to you with an update…

Preseason Injury Updates

August 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are some notable injuries to be aware of as you draft your teams and/or scour the waiver wires after your drafts:

QB Kurt Warner (ARI): Warner is old and has a hip issue. Although his hip is reportedly getting better, it is still a concern.

QB Carson Palmer (CIN): Palmer missed nearly all of 2008 with an elbow injury, only to injure his ankle upon his return to the field in 2009. I do not expect either to be very serious, but it would be nice to see him play a little more before the real action begins.

QB Drew Brees (NO): Thankfully, Brees is not hurt. But his starting LT Jamaal Brown is. Which does impact Brees’ value. Brees is still a top-ranked fantasy QB, but this might be enough to bump QB Tom Brady above him.

QB Brett Favre (MIN): Favre ended 2008 on a down note due to a bum shoulder. He seems to be ready to go this year, but keep an eye on him and see how he feels after throwing a few passes.

RB Jonathan Stewart (CAR): The most recent reports say that Stewart will miss the rest of the preseason due to a lingering achilles injury. This is bad news for Stewart but very good news for RB DeAngelo Williams, who would benefit immensely from the absence of Stewart.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): Westbrook had offseason ankle surgery, and is likely recovering from any number of other injuries he sustained in 2008. Many think 2009 could be the end of the line for Westbrook, but he is a tough player and will not go away easily. But do pay attention to his injury status, because RB LeSean McCoy is lurking in the shadows waiting for his chance to shine.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO): Thomas suffered a minor sprain to his MCL recently, but should be fine by the time week 1 rolls around.

RB Reggie Bush (NO): Bush is reportedly going to see his first action in the next preseason game after missing time due to various injuries. Which is nothing new for Bush.

RB Knowshon Moreno (DEN): After all the hype and the holdout, all Moreno did was get injured. When healthy, he should get enough touches in DEN to make him a borderline RB2. Keep an eye on his knee.

RB Beanie Wells (ARI): Another rookie with some hype was Wells. But no one was surprised when he hurt his ankle on the first day of camp. Wells has dealt with injury issues throughout his career. So it is worth seeing how quickly he recovers.

RB Marshawn Lynch (BUF): Lynch is not injured, but he will miss the first 3 games of the season due to a suspension. If RB Fred Jackson (see below) is healthy, he should get the carries. Otherwise, RB Xavier Omon could get some extra work, along with RB Dominic Rhodes.

RB Fred Jackson (BUF): Jackson has been dealing with a wrist injury and recently left practice due to a thumb injury. It is not yet clear how serious either one is, but since Lynch will miss some time, it is worth following his progress.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET): Johnson returned to practice recently after missing some time with a thumb injury. I think he should be fine for the regular season. If not, he could still probably put up 1000 yards with one hand.

WR Terrell Owens (BUF): Owens will miss another preseason game with a sore toe. Which is not good. Foot/toe injuries have a way of lingering and causing problems all year. Hopefully this one is not serious.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): Bryant added to the long list of question marks hovering over him heading into 2009 when he injured his meniscus. He could be ready by week 1, but the timetable for his return is not clear. I was already avoiding him, so this does not help his cause.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): Avery suffered a foot injury early in camp, but the reports are that he is on the road to recovery. He could have a very good year, but there are a lot of question marks in STL, including the OL and the QB.

WR Chaz Schilens (OAK): Schilens was rocketing up draft boards (which was easy, since he started near the bottom) and was on everyone’s sleeper lists, and then he broke a bone in his foot and had to have surgery. He will miss the first couple games of the season, but should be back eventually and ready to make an impact.

WR Nate Washington (TEN): Washington injured his hamstring and will miss the remaining 2 preseason games. Which is unfortunate, because it seemed like TEN was working on getting him more involved in the offense.

WR Mike Sims-Walker (JAX): Walker is another sleeper candidate who cannot seem to get on the field and prove he is worthy of a late-round pick. I still like his potential, but he needs to show me something before I waste a pick on him rather than someone else — like his teammate WR Troy Williamson, who is playing well in place of Sims-Walker in the lineup.

WR Michael Crabtree (SF): Crabtree is not injured (that I know of), he is simply being a complete idiot and not signing a contract. Obviously, if he is not under contract, he will not play. So you draft him at your own risk.

That is all I have for now. I am sure I missed someone, or someone else will get injured. So check back for injury updates as we get closer to the regular season.

Week 15: Injury Updates

December 13, 2008 2 comments

QB Jeff Garcia: Garcia is questionable and may not start. If he cannot go, QB Luke McCown would get the start. I do not recommend either of them against the Falcons. UPDATE 12/15/08: Garcia has been ruled out. QB Brian Griese will get the start.

QB Gus Frerotte: Frerotte (back) is doubtful. If he cannot go, QB Tavaris Jackson will get the start. Avoid him. Even against the Cardinals.

QB Matt Hasselbeck: Hasselbeck is out this week. QB Seneca Wallace will get another start. If you are desperate, he might do well against the Rams.

RB Brandon Jacobs: Jacobs (knee) is out this week. Look for RB Ahmad Bradshaw and RB Derrick Ward to get more work. Both have a pretty good matchup against the Cowboys.

UPDATE 12/15/08: RB Reggie Bush: Bush (knee) will undergo an MRI on his knee and may miss the rest of the season. With Bush out, expect RB Pierre Thomas to get more carries and perform pretty well.

RB Fred Taylor: Taylor (hand) is on IR. RB Maurice Jones-Drew will get all the carries.

RB Frank Gore: Gore (ankle) will not play this weekend. RB Deshaun Foster will get the start.

RB Marion Barber: Barber (toe) is listed as probable this week. But even if he does play, he will likely split carries with RB Tashard Choice, who looked good last week against Pittsburgh.

RB Ray Rice: Rice (shin) is doubtful. So look for RB Willis McGahee and RB Le’Ron McClain to get more work.

RB LenDale White: White missed two straight practices this week. His status for the game against the Texans is unclear. If he cannot go, expect RB Chris Johnson to have a big game.

RB Joseph Addai: Addai (shoulder) is questionable this week. I expect RB Dominic Rhodes, who has been playing well, to get more work. He has a very good matchup. UPDATE 12/15/08: Addai plans to dress for the game, but I expect Rhodes to get nearly all the carries, still.

Week 11: Friday Injury Report

November 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Again, sorry if this is kinda brief. My “real job” seems to be getting in the way, lately… But here are some key injuries to consider when setting your lineups for Week 11. Good luck.

QB Tony Romo (DAL): Romo (finger) has been practicing and should be back to 100%. Advice: Start him.

QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Roethlisberger (shoulder, hand) has been beat up this year. But he is expected to start this weekend, and has a good matchup. Advice: Start him.

QB Kyle Orton (CHI): Orton (ankle) is expected to be back in the lineup this week. Advice: I think Orton will be less than 100%, and he is up against a tough Packers pass defense. Leave him on the bench.

RB Clinton Portis (WAS): Portis (knee) has a sprained MCL and will almost certainly not play this week. Advice: Unfortunately, the Skins play Sunday night, so you will not have the luxury of knowing whether Portis will play when you set the rest of your lineup. I would bench him (in fact, I did bench him in one of my leagues). RB Ladell Betts will get the start in his place, but Betts does not make a very good play, as he is not 100%, either. And do not even consider RB Shaun Alexander.

RB Steven Jackson (STL): Jackson (thigh) is almost certainly out this week. Advice: It looks like RB Antonio Pittman will get the start, and he makes a pretty solid play against the 49ers.

RB Reggie Bush (NO): Bush (knee) was back at practice this week, but his status for this weekend is in doubt. Advice: I would leave him on the bench until you are sure he is ready to go.

RB Cedric Benson (CIN): Benson (back) has missed practice this week and might miss the game this weekend. Advice: If Benson sits out, RB Chris Perry will start in his place. But do not expect either to have much success against the Eagles.

RB Earnest Graham (TB): Graham (knee) missed practice and is not certain if he will play this week. Advice: He is injured and up against a very tough Minnesota run defense. Bench him.

RB Frank Gore (SF): Gore (neck) is reported to have a neck strain or a possible concussion. Advice: I think he will be ready to play this weekend, but keep an eye on his status. He makes a good start against St. Louis if he is in the lineup, but if he cannot go, look for RB Deshaun Foster to get the start.

RB Willie Parker (PIT): Parker (shoulder, knee) is still recovering from his knee injury and also has a shoulder injury that he is being very cagey about. Advice: Parker is expected to play this weekend, but expeect RB Mewelde Moore to get some carries, as well. Parker still makes a good play against a relatively soft SD defense, but do not get overly excited.

WR Javon Walker (OAK): Walker (foot) was placed on IR and will miss the rest of the year. Advice: Does anyone really care?

TE Jason Witten (NO): Witten (ribs) said he is ready to go this weekend. Advice: He will play, and should be much more effectve than he was in previous weeks now that QB Tony Romo is back.

TE Heath Miller (PIT_: Miller (ankle) will miss this week’s game. Advice: Bench him. Consider TE Billy Miller (no relation) if you are looking for a fill-in TE this week.

Week 10: Friday Injury Report

November 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Some quick info on some key players who are injured as you look to set your lineups for Week 10.

QB Dan Orlovsky (DET): Orlovsky (thumb) is out this week. Advice: I am still not sure whether QB Daunte Culpepper or QB Drew Stanton will get the start, but neither is worth a start for your team. You cannot be that desperate, right?

QB Kyle Orton (CHI): Orton (ankle) continues to say that he wants to play, but I am almost positive that he will be out. Advice: Backup QB Rex Grossman will get the start, but plays against a very tough Tennessee defense, and is not worth a start on your team.

QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT): Roethlisberger (shoulder) will likely be a game-time decision this week. Advice: If you have Big Ben and need to play him, check his status on Sunday morning. But even if he does play, he is not 100% and the Colts are not awful on defense. I would go in a different direction if you have another option. If he cannot play, backup QB Byron Leftwich will start. Leftwich looked pretty good last week against the Redskins, but due to the uncertainy surroudning Big Ben, I would stay away from Leftwich, as well.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub (knee) is out for 2-4 weeks. Advice: Backup QB Sage Rosenfels will start while Schaub is out. He does not make a great play this week against Baltimore (although you could do worse — e.g. Culpepper or Stanton), but he does make a good pickup and play against good matchups (and he has some in the coming weeks).

RB Reggie Bush (NO): Bush (knee) has been ruled out for this week, but reports indicate that he could be back as soon as next week. Advice: Bench him this week, obviously, but keep an eye on his status for next week.

RB Steven Jackson (STL): Jackson (thigh) is out this week. Advice: Unfortunately, backup RB Antonio Pittman is also injured and his status is unclear, which means RB Kenneth Darby will likely get most or all of the carries. Darby is worth a start if you are desperately in need of RB depth.

RB Larry Johnson (KC): Johnson (suspension) is not injured but was suspended by the NFL and will miss week 10. Advice: Backup RB Jamaal Charles will start in place of Johnson and makes a pretty decent play against the Chargers, who have talent on defense but cannot seem to stop anyone.

RB Darren McFadden (OAK): McFadden (toe) is still limited in practice and his status for this week is in doubt. Advice: Bench him either way. Even when he is in the game, he is ineffective. And Carolina is tough against the run.

RB Willie Parker (PIT): Parker (knee) is likely out this week. Advice: With Parker out, RB Mewelde Moore will once again get most of the carries. He makes a good start against the Colts.

RB Jonathan Stewart (CAR): Stewart (heel) has been very limited in practice this week and is likely out. Advice: This is bad news for Stewart, but good news for RB DeAngelo Williams, who will get all the carries against a porous Raiders run defense.

RB Fred Taylor (JAX): Taylor (knee) missed practice Wednesday but was back on Thursday and should play this week. Advice: Taylor has done nothing recently, but if he is healthy, he could do well against Detroit. However, I expect him to be somewhat limited, which is bad for Taylor but good for his RBBC teammate RB Maurice Jones-Drew.

RB Ryan Torain (DEN): Torain (knee) played well in his first real action, gaining 68 yards and a TD on 12 carries. However, he also suffered a knee injury, which is believed to be a torn ACL. He is likely out for the year. Advice: Seriously? I have been waiting all year for this guy, and he looked like the real deal for the first half. And then he blew out his knee. Unreal. There are no healthy RBs left in Denver. If you need RB depth, consider adding RB Peyton Hillis, who got some carries last night after Torain went down.

WR Deion Branch (SEA): Branch (foot) was back at practice this week and could play against Miami. Advice: I would stay away from Branch until (1) he shows he is 100% healthy and/or (2) Hasselbeck is back at QB. But if he is available in your league, you might consider adding him.

WR Chris Chambers (SD): Chambers (ankle) was back at practice this week, but his status for this weekend remains unclear. Advice: Although I would love to tell you to start Chambers, since he is matched up against the awful Cheifs defense, I am not sure how healthy he will be. Unless you are desperate, i would leave him on the bench for one more week.

WR Brandon Lloyd (CHI): Lloyd (knee) was back as a full-participant in practice this week and should be ready to play against the Titans. Advice: I would not start him this week, but keep an eye on him. If he is available, I would consider adding him to your roster. He could be a good WR3 going forward.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (ARI): Fitzgerald (thumb) was limited in practice this week but is expected to play. Advice: Fitzgerald is a gamer, so expect him to play (and to play well) this weekend.

TE Jeremy Shockey (NO): Shockey (sports hernia) is supposedly healthy and ready to go. Advice: I am starting him in one of my leagues and I expect him to be productive. When healthy, he should be a top 10 TE. But we have yet to see him really get comfortable with Brees in the Saints offense.

TE LJ Smith (PHI): Smith (concussion) is healthy and ready to play this week. Advice: Smith has not done much this year and is probably not worth a start, especially against a tough Giants defense.