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I think…

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment

1. I think … I’m glad I had RB Chris Johnson on my team in one league. But I am not so glad I had to play against him in another.

2. I think … RB Cedric Benson is shaping up to be a very nice RB2. He is tied with RB Michael Turner for the most carries in the league through 2 weeks.

3. I think … the GB offense has disappointed thus far. The OL is the problem. And it could have a major affect on QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Ryan Grant, and WR Greg Jennings if it does not improve.

4. I think … NYJ CB Darrelle Revis is very good. He held WR Andre Johnson to 4 catches for 35 yards in week 1 and WR Randy Moss to 4 catches for 24 yards in week 2. I might consider benching your WRs against him.

5. I think … RB Darren Sproles is not a great RB. But, damn, he is great when he gets the ball in space. He is worth starting every week, especially while RB LaDainian Tomlinson is hurt.

6. I think … RB Felix Jones could benefit greatly if RB Marion Barber misses any time due to his quad injury. But watch for RB Tashard Choice to get some touches, too.

7. I think … As (I) expected, WR Devin Hester is not a real WR. However, its a little surprising to see rookie WR Jonny Knox has become the leading WR in Chicago.

8. I think … I love the NFL. QB Jay Cutler throws 4 INTs and CHI loses go GB in week 1. Then CHI beats PIT in week 2, and GB loses to CIN. So tough early on to tell who is for real.

9. I think … QB Matt Ryan is the real deal. And TE Tony Gonzalez is his new best friend.

10. I think … I was wrong about WR Dominic Hixon. It looks like WR Mario Manningham and WR Steve Smith are going to lead the way. One or both might even be available in your league.


Three Losers & a Douchebag

September 14, 2009 1 comment

Each Monday, I will write a post entitled “Three Losers & a Douchebag”, where I will identify “Three Losers” — guys who were likely in your starting lineup and should have played well but failed miserably — and “a Douchebag” — a guy who should not have played well but did (and was likely either on your bench or on your opponent’s starting roster, adding to the pain and annoyance). It has very little (read: absolutely zero) relevance to what may or may not happen next week. Mostly it is just my way of venting.

Three Losers

1. QB Matt Schaub (HOU): I know NYJ has a solid defense. But all you could muster is 166 yards passing, 0 TDs and 1 INT? Painful. Even QB Marc Bulger outscored you in standard leagues. Which is even more painful.

2.WR Andre Johnson (HOU): I suppose it is not surprising to see Johnson on this list considering the day Schaub had. But people obviously expected more from Johnson, who was consistently drafted as a top-3 WR. Unfortunately, he started the season with a 4-catch, 35 yard performance. Which means you would have been better off with WR Kelley Washington (BAL) or WR Bryant Johnson (DET) in your lineup. Ouch.

3. WR Steve Smith (CAR): Smith had 3 catches for 21 yards. Most — okay, all — of this can be blamed on QB Jake Delhomme, who looked awful. Smith did garner 13 looks. But 3 catches and 21 yards is not what people expected out of Smith when they took him as high as they did. Hopefully Delhomme gets his act together, or it is going to be a long season (mostly involving blocking) for Smith.

And a Douchebag

WR Brandon Stokley (DEN): Seriously — WTF? You had zero catches until the pass intended for WR Brandon Marshall was tipped and miraculously landed in your hands. Then you took the ball and ran for a TD, giving you 1 catch for 87 yards and a TD on the day. Which is worth 14.7 points. You went from zero to 14.7 points in a matter of seconds. And the play won DEN the game. There are more than a few games out there who’s outcome was determined by this unbelievable turn of events.

Preseason Wrapup

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Yeah, I know. There is still one week of the preseason left. But the starters rarely play any significant amount of time in the 4th preseason game. So now seems like as good a time as any to look back at the preseason and see what we learned.

So, with that in mind: I know it’s only preseason, but…

1. The Packers offense looks very good. I have said a few times already that I expect QB Aaron Rodgers to end the season as the top scoring player in fantasy (and to back this up, I picked him in two of my three leagues so far this year). Rodgers has looked very sharp in the preseason, completing 27 of 38 passes for 458 yards, with 6 TDs and no interceptions — and he did this in approximately 4 quarters of play. Which is, like, pretty good. Beyond Rodgers, though, there is RB Ryan Grant, who should get 300 carries and rebound from his poor 2008, WR Greg Jennings, who is a top-10 (and maybe even top-5) WR, WR Donald Driver, who is an undervalued WR3, and sleepers such as WR James Jones and TE Jermichael Finley, who could put up good numbers in an offense that should be in the top 5 in the league.

2. We have no idea what TO will do in Buffalo. TO looked like he could still play early during BUF’s 1st preseason game. But that is all we saw of him. He has missed the rest of the preseason with a mysterious toe injury. I have my own issues with TO — mostly related to the QB and OL in BUF — but there is no denying the guy’s talent. If you like to gamble, you can probably get a pretty good deal on him.

3. Chris Henry could be very good. I have had this kid on many of my fantasy teams in the past, only to end up disappointed by his inconsistency and apparent stupidity. But now it seems like he has things figured out. He caught a TD in each of the preseason games, and is a prime candidate to replace the production that went with WR TJ Houshmandzadeh to SEA. He is a great sleeper pick.

4. Brett Favre still has it. At least for a few more weeks. No one really doubted that Favre could still play. I think the real question is whether he can still play for 16 (or 19 or 20) weeks. I suspect he will look pretty sharp during the early portion of the season, but judgment day(s) will come later in the year when he is getting tired and beat up. Will he still have the desire? Will his body hold up? Who knows. But he does give the other offensive players in MIN a boost — at least in the short-term.

5. We have no idea what any of the rookie RBs will do. There is some great talent at RB in this year’s rookie class. Unfortunatley, we still do not know whether any of them will be productive. We finally got to see RB Beanie Wells last week against GB, and he looked good, but questions linger about his injury issues. Everyone was excited when RB Knowshon Moreno ended his holdout, but he only lasted half a game and then was injured. And we still have no idea how DEN plans to use him. RB Donald Brown was a popular sleeper pick, but IND does not seem like it has any plans to give up on RB Joseph Addai any time soon. RB LeSean McCoy finds himself in a similar position — if (when?) RB Brian Westbrook goes down, McCoy should blow up. But what if that does not happen? Enough people are predicting Westbrook’s demise that I am convinced it is not going to happen. RB Shonn Greene is also waiting behind an aging veteran. But we have no idea when or if he will see the field. In fact, out of all the rookie RBs, RB James Davis might have the best chance of seeing the field sooner rather than later. He is stuck behind an ineffective and aging RB Jamal Lewis, and there have been rumors that Lewis might not make the final roster. (But you know how rumors go…) Overall, I think Wells has the best chance to have a big fantasy season, but Brown and McCoy could blow up if injuries open the door. And keep an eye on Davis — he is a sleeper if I ever saw one.

6. The Seahawks could surprise some people. SEA was terrible last year. But that was mostly due to a rash of injuries. Although they still have some issues along the OL, and RB Julius Jones does not scare [m]any teams, their offense could be pretty good. QB Matt Hasselbeck is a sleeper at QB, WR TJ Houshmandzadeh is a very good value at WR, TE John Carlson is a great value at TE, and WR Deon Butler is a deep sleeper. Shoot, even Jones is the main ballcarrier, so he should put up solid yardage totals and can likely be picked very late in your draft.

7. Eli Manning is still a mouthbreather. Nothing has changed. Except now he has lost his favorite target at WR. Which means he will probably do a lot more mouthbreating and blaming his teammates when things do not go right.

8. The Raiders are one messed up franchise. There are guys in OAK with potential — RB Darren McFadden, RB Michael Bush, WR Chaz Schilens, TE Zach Miller — but can we really trust anyone in OAK to produce on a weekly basis? The team is so dysfunctional that it seems foolish to draft any of them. Which really makes me wonder why I took both Bush and Schilens in one of my recent drafts…

9. Brady and Moss could return to their 2007 form. The circus that is the Brady-to-Moss connection could be back. They make it look too easy. Way too easy. Which is why I made sure to grab Moss in a couple of my leagues. I expect him and Brady to put up huge numbers. And since Moss is going as the 3rd or 4th WR, he is a great value, because he could very well end up as the number 1 WR at the end of the year — especially since the other top WRs — WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Andre Johnson, and WR Calvin Johnson — all have QB health/quality issues.

10. Fantasy football is fun. I am so glad the season is (almost) here. I have been thinking about this sh!t way too long. So I am happy that the season is right around the corner…

17 Crazy Predictions

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are 17 crazy (and/or not so crazy) predictions for the 2009 fantasy season that I — um, predict — will come true.

Why 17, you ask? Because that is all I could think of…

1. QB Philip Rivers will not be among the top 10 fantasy QBs at the end of the year.

2. QB Matt Ryan will be.

3. WR Larry Fitzgerald will miss at least one game. (I believe in the Madden Curse.)

4. QB Kurt Warner will miss at least one game. (I believe in reality.)

5. RB Adrian Peterson will score at least 15 total TDs.

6. RB DeAngelo Williams will not score more than 15 total TDs.

7. Rookie RB James Davis will take over for RB Jamal Lewis by week 10.

8. The top 3 fantasy QBs will be QB Drew Brees, QB Tom Brady, and QB Aaron Rodgers.

9. RB Michael Turner will score less than 10 points in at least 4 games.

10. TE Vernon Davis will be a top-10 fantasy TE.

11. WR Randy Moss will be a top-5 fantasy WR.

12. At least 5 rookies will score more points fantasy than WR Percy Harvin.

13. RB Ryan Grant will finish as a top-10 fantasy RB.

14. The top scoring fantasy WR will be WR Andre Johnson.

15. RB Ray Rice will be the highest scoring fantasy RB in BAL.

16. RB LaDainian Tomlinson will finish as a top-10 fantasy RB.

17. WR Devin Hester will not have more than 800 yards receiving.

WR Rankings

July 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Here are my Top 10 WRs for 2009:

1. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
2. Andre Johnson (HOU)
3. Randy Moss (NE)
4. Steve Smith (CAR)
5. Calvin Johnson (DET)
6. Greg Jennings (GB)
7. Reggie Wayne (IND)
8. Roddy White (ATL)
9. Terrell Owens (BUF)
10. Dwayne Bowe (KC)

Click here for the rest of the rankings.

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Big Risks = Bigger Rewards

July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

There are a few guys that could have absolutely huge fantasy seasons if they can stay healthy. Unfortunately, they have not shown us that they can do this on a regular basis. Which is why they are big risks. But if things work out, the rewards could be tremendous.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Somewhat surprisingly, Schaub has been one of the best QBs in the NFL (statistically) when healthy over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, he has missed a significant amount of time recently due to a variety of injuries. If he can finally put together a healthy season, he should be a top-level fantasy QB, with guys like WR Andre Johnson, RB Steve Slaton, and TE Owen Daniels.

RB Steven Jackson (STL): Remember when Jackson was one of the best RBs in fantasy football? Me either. It seems like so long ago. But on top of coming into the year healthy, Jackson will also be running behind a much-improved offensive line. If you could guarantee me that Jackson will play every game, I would rank him right behind RB Adrian Peterson. But Jackson’s health is far from guaranteed. So if you like to gamble, S-Jax is your man.

RB Brandon Jacobs (NYG): In most respects, the departure of RB Derrick Ward to TB is good for Jacobs, because he should get more carries. However, it also means he will take more of a pounding. And he has missed nearly 10 games over the past two years due to injuries. But if he can stay healthy, he should be a beast and improve on his numbers from 2008.

RB Clinton Portis (WAS): Portis had nearly 950 yards through 7 games in 2008. And then, well, he slowed down, so to speak. Portis gets a lot of touches. And he is one of the toughest RBs in the NFL. But he is wearing down. And that is a major concern. Although you can expect RB Ladell Betts to get a larger share of the carries this year, Portis is still going to have over 300 touches. So if he can avoid the minor injuries that have slowed him in the recent past, he should be a very solid option at RB.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): Do you think he has one last hurrah in him? I do. His foot injury last year really hampered his ability to run and cut effectively. Which is precisely what made him so great to begin with. And do not buy all the talk about RB Darren Sproles. Yes, he is good. But he is not a full-time RB and he never will be. So look for LT to be the main guy again, although Sproles will eat into his production. Either way, I expect LT to be a top-10 RB one last time before he descends into fantasy oblivion with the likes of Shaun Alexander and Priest Holmes.

WR Marques Colston (NO): When Colston plays, he is a stud. Unfortunately, he has not played much over the past couple of years. Many people will be gun-shy after spending high picks on him last year. But you saw what he can do in the last few games of the year when he was finally back in action. QB Drew Brees is playing at a very high level. And if Colston is healthy, he will be the main beneficiary of Brees’ play. Maybe it was just bad luck. Or maybe he is injury-prone. But if he can stay healthy, someone will get a very good deal on him.

TE Kellen Winslow (TB): Winslow has had knee surgery every year since his rookie year. Yet, somehow, he has been pretty effective as a playmaking TE. When he is on the field, he performs well. And he was on the field during 2006 and 2007. But he missed 6 games in 2008. Given his history, you can probably get him on the cheap. But do not be upset if he misses some time.

Week 16: WR Rankings

December 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Week 16 WR Rankings. Also, see my RB Rankings and QB Rankings.

  1. Larry Fitzgerald vs. NE
  2. Randy Moss @ ARI
  3. Calvin Johnson vs. NO
  4. Greg Jennings @ CHI
  5. Antonio Bryant vs. SD
  6. Roddy White @ MIN
  7. Andre Johnson @ OAK
  8. Marques Colston @ DET
  9. Wes Welker vs. ARI
  10. Laveranues Coles @ SEA
  11. Dwayne Bowe vs. MIA
  12. Isaac Brurce @ STL
  13. Donald Driver @ CHI
  14. Steve Breaston vs. NE
  15. Lance Moore @ DET
  16. Terrell Owens vs. BAL
  17. Steve Smith @ NYG
  18. Brandon Marshall vs. BUF
  19. Jerricho Cotchery @ SEA
  20. TJ Houshmanzadeh @ CLE
  21. Anquan Boldin vs. NE (game-time decision)
  22. Vincent Jackson @ TB
  23. Bernard Berrian vs. ATL
  24. Eddie Royal vs. BUF
  25. Domenik Hixon vs. CAR
  26. Lee Evans @ DEN
  27. Hines Ward @ TEN
  28. Deion Branch vs. NYJ
  29. Devin Hester vs. GB
  30. Santana Moss @ PHI