Snake Draft Strategies: Rounds 1 and 2

The first two rounds of a traditional/snake draft can really make or break your team. At this point especially, your strategy depends almost entirely on your draft slot. Accordingly, I have broken down the positions and provided some advice:

Round 1

Picks 1-3: When you have one of the top picks, do not get cute. Just take one of the studs and thank Football Jesus for your luck.

Picks 4-6: Again, do not try to get cute. The studs are gone, but there are still some very good players here. In fact, this year, I think picks 4-9 are the best spot. You can still get a guy like Steven Jackson or Chris Johnson, but not have to wait as long for your Round 2 pick.

Picks 7-9: This is the no-man’s land where people start getting itchy and consider taking WRs and QBs. I would consider Larry Fitzgerald here, but you could easily take a guy like Steve Slaton, LT, or Frank Gore and be in very good shape for your next pick.

Picks 10-12: At this point, you should strongly consider one of the top WRs. Whichever RB you pass up here is not all that much better than the RB you can get on the way back around.

Round 2

Picks 13-15: It depends on what you did in Round 1. If you nabbed Larry Fitzgerald or Andre Johnson, you should consider taking a top RB. Or, if you already have a RB, consider one of the top WRs. This is the only position in the draft where you can get a very good RB still and also land a top WR. Take advantage of this.

Picks 16-18: There is still some very good RB talent left at this stage (e.g. Clinton Portis, Marion Barber, Ryan Grant). However, you should also consider the WRs, especially if there has been a run on them at the end of Round 1 and beginning of Round 2. You will be surprised at which RBs are still left in Round 3.

Picks 19-21: Although I am not a big fan of taking a QB early, if guys like Brees and Brady are still here at this point, you should consider them. However, this all depends on how confident you are that you can find a suitable WR1 and RB2 later in the draft.

Picks 22-24: Again, if you must have a top QB, now is the time. However, someone likely pulled the trigger on them long before now. Since you will have two picks in close proximity, look at your tiers/value chart and figure out which position to attack first.

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