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Coach’s Kid and Point Shaver

Each week, I will write (new) a post called “Coach’s Kid and Point Shaver” that will highlight two players:

(1) The Coach’s Kid — This is a guy who is usually buried on the bench because he has no reason to be in your starting lineup. But this week, you decide to play him. And when he appears in your lineup, everyone will look around and ask, “What is he doing in the lineup? He must be the coach’s kid… What other explanation is there?”

(2) The Point Shaver — This is a player who should perform very well. He has the talent and the skills. And everyone expects him to showcase his talent. But for some unknown reason, he fails to meet expectations. Keep an eye out for shady characters lurking in the shadows. And try to figure out what you are going to tell your wife when she asks where all your money went.

So, here are my picks for Week 1.

Week 1 Coach’s Kid: A couple years ago, RB Mike Bell was in DEN. One RB in a line of many who had temporary success, only to quickly disappear into obscurity. But he resurfaced in NO. And with RB Pierre Thomas nursing a knee injury, Bell looks to get a bunch of touches. And, even better yet, he will get all these touches against DET. Who, by the way, is still terrible. Put Bell in your lineup, like a proud daddy would put his lanky, uncoordinated kid on the field.

Week 1 Point Shaver: I expect RB Chris Johnson to have a very big year in TEN. Unfortunately, he starts out his soon-to-be-big-year against PIT. Who, by the way, is still very good on defense. Johnson will get a bunch of touches, but could struggle to put up too many yards. And I expect the TEN-PIT matchup to be somewhat low-scoring. I have a hard time advising you to bench Johnson, but you should lower your expectations.

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