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Preseason Injury Roundup

It’s this time of the year when everyone starts complaining that the preseason is too long and all that happens is players are injured unnecessarily. And that may be true. But the preseason is not going anywhere. And, unfortunately, neither are preseason injuries. Here are some notable injuries to be aware of as we head into the regular [fantasy] season. I am sure I missed a few. And I might have even made up a couple. It is kinda hard to get a read on injuries during the preseason, since teams are not required to disclose them on an injury report.

QB Tom Brady (NE): Brady injured his throwing shoulder when DT Albert Haynesworth fell on him in the third preseason game. But Brady is apparently back at practice and expects to be fine for the opener. So Brady and Moss owners can breath easily.

QB Drew Brees (NO): I know, I know. Brees himself is not hurt. I am probably freaking people out by putting him on this list. But I only include him here because his starting LT is injured and will miss the first part of the season. And, just in case you did not know, the LT is a very important component of the passing game. Brees should do just fine, but it is something to be aware of.

QB Brent Farve (MIN): [Please note that I refuse to call him by his real name. That person retired a couple of years ago from the Packers.

QB Matt Cassel (KC): As if he did not have enough question marks hanging over his head, now he has to deal with a knee and ankle injury. There are conflicting reports regarding his availability for week 1, but it seems likely that he will miss some time. Keep checking on the updates as week 1 gets closer. But you should have a backup plan.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Shocking to find Schaub on the injury report, huh? I am always tempted by his talent, but I simply cannot bring myself to draft him anymore. He is too injury-prone. And now he will enter the season beat up. Which is not a good sign.

QB Kyle Orton (DEN): Orton has what is being described as an “open dislocation”. I am no doctor (nor do I play one on TV), but that does not sound good. As with Cassel, there are mixed reports on whether he will plan in week 1. Hopefully you drafted Orton as your QB2, so it does not matter. If you drafted him as your QB1, well, you might want to check the waiver wire and see who else is out there.

QB Carson Palmer (CIN): Palmer has been nursing a high-ankle sprain all preseason. Which is not good. But he claims to be healing and that he will be ready for Week 1. His availability will have a huge impact on the rest of the CIN players.

QB Dante Culpepper (DET): Culpepper somehow managed to cut his toe at home, resulting in 8 stitches. I am not sure if it really matters, but this likely means that QB Matt Stafford has an edge in the QB competition. Whoever wins is not likely a fantasy option, but it will impact the other DET players.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): Westbrook has been a full-participant in practice lately, and is expected to be ready to go in Week 1. But he is getting old and coming off 2 offseason surgeries, so watch his health as the season progresses.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO): Thomas has an MCL sprain, but NO continues to say that he will be ready for Week 1. I have no reason not to believe them.

RB Clinton Portis (WAS): Portis has a bruised rib, but will rest and should be ready for Week 1.

RB Beanie Wells (ARI): Wells had an injured ankle for the beginning of the preseason, but finally got onto the field in the 3rd preseason game against GB. And Wells looked pretty good. If he can stay healthy, he could be a big-time sleeper.

RB Knowshon Moreno (DEN): Moreno is back at practice, but it is unclear whether he will be available in Week 1. I suspect DEN will bring him along slowly, since he is coming off a knee injury and he is a rookie (who held out a couple weeks into the preseason).

WR Anquan Boldin (ARI): Boldin is nursing a hamstring injury, but I expect him to be ready for week 1.

WR Greg Jennings (GB): Jennings suffered a concussion against ARI in the last preseason game. But he should be fine for week 1.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): Bryant is back at practice, but it is unclear whether he will be ready to go in Week 1.

WR Terrell Owens (BUF): TO is dealing with a mysterious toe injury, the severity of which is unknown. I do expect him to play in week 1, but I would be careful. Toe injuries have a way of lingering and causing problems.

WR Steve Breaston (ARI): Breaston has a knee injury, but should be ready to go in week 1.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): Avery injured his foot but is said to be on-schedule with his recovery and should be avaialble for Week 1.

WR Bernard Berrian (MIN): Berrian will miss the rest of the preseason with a hamstring injury, but he expects to be ready by Week 1. Keep an eye on his progress, though, because a speed WR like him will be severely hampered by a lingering hamstring injury.

WR Nate Washington (TEN): Washington also has a hamstring injury, but it sounds like he will likely miss the first week or two of the regular season.

WR Chaz Schilens (OAK): Schilens, the sleeper-du-jour for the early part of camps and preseason, suffered a broken foot a couple weeks ago. He underwent surgery, but he is expected to miss the first couple weeks of the season. Keep an eye on him and grab him off waivers (if he is available) a week or so before he is set to return.

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