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Stock Down

Often times, there are guys who look bad in the preseason. But this does not always mean they will play poorly when the regular season arrives. Either way, they usually see their draft stock drop. Some of them become great values. Others become busts. Either way, here is a list of guys who have seen their draft stock take a hit lately.

QB Drew Brees (NO): Brees lost LT Jamaal Brown for a couple months with a sports hernia. Brees is still an excellent QB and should end up as one of the top-scoring fantasy QBs, but his value drops a little without his LT. On top of that, RB Reggie Bush is perpetually injured and RB Pierre Thomas was recently diagnosed with an MCL sprain.

RB Julius Jones (SEA): The news out of SEA is that they signed RB Edgerrin James. This is not a good sign for Jones, who has not had much success in SEA so far. James is old and likely will not be all effective on the field. But he will be effective at cutting into Jones’ carries.

RB Jamal Lewis (CLE): I have said before that I predict rookie RB James Davis will take over for Lewis at some point this year. And Lewis is doing nothing to prove me wrong. He has looked very marginal this preseason, and is averaging 2.9 yards per carry. Davis, on the other hand, has looked pretty good, rushing for 121 yards and a TD on only 14 carries.

RB Reggie Bush (NO): He has battled injuries his whole career, and it is becoming clear that he is not the super-special player many thought he could be coming out of USC. RB Pierre Thomas is working his way into the mix and figures to be a very big part of the NO offense this year. If Bush can stay healthy (which is a big if), he should put up respectable numbers. But he is a huge injury risk and is very inconsistent even when he is on the field.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC): I still think Bowe will be a solid WR1 this season, but it does not help when he is demoted and working with a new QB who has been up and down. Sometimes it is good when guys like Bowe struggle in the preseason, though, because you can get them at a great value on draft day.

WR Chaz Schilens (OAK): No sooner than I hit “publish” on my recent post regarding Schilens, it seemed like he went down with a food injury. He is expected to miss the first couple of games, but should be fine after that. So, since his stock is down due to his injury, you can probably get him at a great value late in your draft. He should still do pretty well once he returns from his injury.

WR Davone Bess (MIA): Fellow rookie WR Brian Hartline has been practicing with the 1st team offense in MIA. Hartline is a 4th round pick from Ohio State, and is more of a possession WR. I like Bess still, but this obviously hurts his value.

WR Michael Crabtree (SF): High expectations cannot be reached if you are not on the field. No wonder this kid slid so far in the draft.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET): We all knew about the QB issues, but then he had to go and hurt his thumb. I am not worried about the injury itself. I just would have preferred that he get more practice time in with the QBs. No matter what, Johnson is a beast. But I am less confident in his ability to post superb fantasy numbers if he has a rookie under center.

WR Mike Sims-Walker (JAX): Formerly just “Mike Walker”, this potential sleeper at WR is struggling to get on the field in the preseason, after battling injuries last year, as well. And while he has been out, former bust WR Troy Williamson is shining. I still think Sims-Walker will be worthy of a late-round pick, but he needs to get on the field and prove it.

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