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Updated QB Rankings

Here are my updated QB Rankings. The only notable changes are that QB Kurt Warner dropped down a couple of spots due to injury concerns and his age. I am just not convinced 2009 will be as magical as 2008. QB Donovan McNabb also jumped up a couple of spots. I just think he is going to have a great year.

1. Drew Brees (NO) — He might not put up 5,000 yards again… But he certainly could.
2. Tom Brady (NE) — Do not expect 2007-like numbers. But the Brady-Moss connection should be profitable.
3. Peyton Manning (IND) — One of the most consistent fantasy QBs ever.
4. Aaron Rodgers (GB) — Played great in 08 despite Favre saga. Should be more focused and calm in 09.
5. Phillip Rivers (SD) — Showed he is an elite QB. A healthy LT and Gates should serve him well.
6. Tony Romo (DAL) — Moved up a couple spots from previous rankings. His offense is too good, even without TO.
7. Donovan McNabb (PHI) — Moved up a couple spots. He is still in his prime.
8. Kurt Warner (ARI) — Dropped down in rankings due to age and injury concerns. Can 09 be as magical as 08?
9. Matt Schaub (HOU) — Would be higher but for injury concerns.
10. Matt Cassel (KC) — KC is not NE. But that should not stop Cassell from putting up solid numbers.
Click here for the rest of the QB Rankings.

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