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The Favre Effect

Well, by now you have all heard the news: Brett Favre informed the Vikings yesterday that he plans to stay retired. As a life-long Packer fan, I must say, this news pleases me. I was not worried that Favre would lead the Vikings to a couple victories over my beloved Green and Gold. I simply did not want the deal with the media circus that was sure to surround him on a weely basis. Favre was a magical figure in my eyes while he was in Green Bay, but even I grew tired of the constant adulation and praise given to him by the media. And, as you can imagine, it only got worse when he was considering playing for the Viqueens.

Either way, this is somewhat surprising, since most people (including me) assumed he would come back and play in Minnesota in 2009. And I can only assume that many people built this assumption into their RB rankings, with RB Adrian Peterson sitting atop most lists (including mine).

In light of this news, there are some issues to address:

(1) Who will be the Vikings starting QB in 2009? It will likely be determined by a camp battle, but despite HC Brad Childress’ man-crush on QB Tavaris Jackson, I think the newly-acquired QB Sage Rosenfels will end up getting the nod. Rosenfels played adequately last year as a fill-in for the oft-injured QB Matt Schaub in Houston. Although he has an uncanny ability to throw a game-changing interception, he actually has a pretty sold set of skills. And I think he gives the Vikings the best chance to win.

(2) How will this impact RB Adrian Peterson? Without a guy like Favre under center, the Vikings will (once again) rely on the very-capable legs of AP. He had 360-plus carries in 2008 (including 20 more in the playoffs), so it is hard to believe he could be used more, but I do think the Vikings will be a run-first team, using AP and RB Chester Taylor to carry the team. I would have felt better about his fantasy value if Favre was handing him the ball, but AP can get it done no matter who is the QB. Assuming Rosenfels does win the job, I think teams will have to respect the pass enough to give him some room to run (and run and run and run).

(3) Where do the Viking WRs rank? Not very high, is the simplest answer. Honesty, even with the prospect of Favre joining the Vikings, I was not very high on any of the Viking WRs. In my rankings, I currently have WR Bernard Berrian at 29 (Tier 4), WR Sidney Rice at 62 (Tier 7), and WR Percy Harvin right behind him at 63 (Tier 7).  I do not think much changes, although I am definitely less excited about WR Sidney Rice as a potential sleeper without Favre hucking him balls. Regardless of who is QB, the only WR you should consider drafting for anything other than a sleeper is Berrian, and he is a borderline WR3, at best.

(4) Is Favre really going to stay retired this time? Childress apparently said the door is closed. But something tells me we have not heard the last of Lord Favre…

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