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Week 16: Start/Sit (Thursday Edition)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I was very busy preparing for an Arbitration (stupid “job”) and I am leaving tomorrow for the holidays, so needless to say, Fantasy Funk took a backseat… But I thought I would throw something together for the Thursday night game.

Colts @ Jaguars


Peyton Manning: He is playing at a very high level.

Dominic Rhodes: Should fill in for Addai and play well against a suspect defense.

Reggie Wayne: Has not produced as expected lately, but he is a must-start.

Dallas Clark: Do not expect numbers like last week, but he is almost always worth a start.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Fred Taylor is out, so MJD will get all the work.


Joseph Addai: He is still beat up and Rhodes is out-producing him. Officially, he is listed as “questionable”.

Marvin Harrison: If you are still playing at this point in the season, you should have better options. And he is listed on the injury report as “questionable”.  UPDATE: Harrison did not make the trip to Jacksonville, so he is out.

Anthony Gonzalez: See Harrison, Marvin. UPDATE: With Harrison out, Gonzalez makes a better play. But I still do not expect much from him.

David Garrard: The Colts are pretty solid against the pass, despite last week. And Garrard does not have Calvin Johnson to throw to.

Fred Taylor: He is on IR. So at least I am guaranteed to get one right.

Dennis Northcutt: The Packers made him look good. The Colts will not allow him to repeat last week’s surprise performance. Although, if you are desperate, I suppose someone in Jacksonville has to catch the ball.

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