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Week 14: Random Thoughts

1. How do the Jets beat the Titans and then lose to the Broncos AND the 49ers?

2. The Texans turned the ball over 4 times but still racked up 549 total yards on Green Bay.

3. RB Tashard Choice played very well in place of an injured RB Marion Barber against a Steelers defense that is ranked #1 in the NFL.

4. RB Clinton Portis continues to show an incredible amount of toughness. But it is clear that all the work he got this year is catching up with him.

5. WR Calvin Johnson can put up numbers with anyone at QB.

6. Rookie QB Matt Ryan is legit.

7. QB Peyton Manning threw for 277 yards and 3 TDs, and WR Reggie Wayne only had 48 yards and no TDs. I am beginning to think that something is wrong with Wayne.

8. RB Peyton Hillis is done for the year… Which means Denver is down to RB Tatum Bell.

9. After allowing RB Tashard Choice to roll up some yards, the Steelers clamped down at the end of the game and showed why they are the NFL’s best defense. But can they win it all without more help from the offense?

10. I really thought the Lions might pull out the W. But they found a way to lose to the Vikings, who were without starter QB Gus Frerotte for the second half.

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