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Week 14: Start

Ah, the playoffs. Some of you are likely starting Round 1 this week, and others are trying to win one last game (and hoping an assortment of other teams lose one last game) so you can sneak in. As you set your lineups, here are some players who have favorable matchups.

QB Kyle Orton (CHI) vs. JAX: Starting CB Mathis is out for the Jags. And they were not that great to begin with.

QB Gus Frerotte (MIN) @ DET: I bet I could throw for 2 TDs againt Detroit.

QB Peyton Manning (IND) vs. CIN: Last week was an anomaly. He will rebound.

QB Eli Manning (NYG) vs. PHI: I hate the mouth-breather, but he should put up decent numbers.

QB Drew Brees (NO) vs. ATL: This is a must-win for the Saints, and I doubt the Falcons will get as much pressure on Brees as the Bucs did last week.

QB Matt Ryan (ATL) @ NO: He is playing well, and the Saints can be beat through the air.

QB Aaron Rodgers (GB) vs. HOU: Cannot sit him against Houston. He will get his yards and TDs. Especially if Grant is beat up.

QB Chad Pennington (MIA) @ BUF: Remember, this game is being played in a dome in Toronto, not in the wind and cold of Buffalo. Pennington ate them up earlier in the year.

QB Brett Favre (NYJ) @ SF: Brett should play well in the warm(er) weather of the Bay.

QB Matt Cassel (NE) @ SEA: He could throw for 400 on them…

QB Tyler Thigpen (KC) @ DEN: Despite last week, Denver is awful on defense.

QB Jay Cutler (DEN) vs. KC: But so is Kansas City.

QB Kurt Warner (ARI) @ STL: Who wouldn’t love to see Warner torch his former team? I would. But I am biased. He is my fantasy QB.

QB Tony Romo (DAL) @ PIT: I know — the Steelers are tough on defense. But Romo should do well enough to warrant a start. It is a close call, though.

QB Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. WAS: Eh, why not?

RB Matt Forte (CHI) vs. JAX: Apparently he is not familiar with “the rookie wall” concept.

RB Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX) @ CHI: Yards might be low, but he should score. Or not. These things are hard to predict.

RB Adrian Peterson (MIN) @ DET: Well, hard to predict, unless it is AP against Detroit. I think he faced tougher competition in practice while at Oklahoma.

RB Kevin Smith (DET) vs. MIN: But only if the Williams boys’ suspension is upheld. Otherwise, avoid him like the plague. Or, perhaps I should say, avoid him like he plays for the Lions.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI) @ NYG: I will never suggest sitting him again…

RB Brandon Jacobs (NYG) vs. PHI: Beast.

RB Chris Johnson (TEN) vs. CLE: They should run all over Cleveland.

RB Michael Turner (ATL) @ NO: Yardage might not be high, but always a threat to score.

RB Pierre Thomas (NO) vs. ATL: Deuce is out. And Bush is not 100% yet. So Thomas wins by default.

RB Steve Slaton (HOU) @ GB: Green Bay cannot stop the run. Period.

RB Thomas Jones (NYJ) @ SF: Man on fire.

RB Frank Gore (SF) vs. NYJ: Tough matchup, but he should do well enough.

RB Kevin Faulk (NE) @ SEA: Nothing other than a feeling.

RB Peyton Hillis (DEN) vs. KC: The white boy can play.

RB Larry Johnson (KC) @ DEN: I know. I am as surprised as you.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI) @ STL: I think he will get back on track this week.

RB Steven Jackson (STL) vs. ARI: He looked pretty good last week, and should be in line for more carries this week.

RB DeAngelo Williams (CAR) vs. TB: The kid is playing like they thought he would when they took him in the first round.

WR Matt Jones (JAX) @ CHI: He actually looks like a WR. Although he has an awful attitude (and haircut).

WR Bernard Berrian (MIN) @ DET: Everyone loves them some Lions.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET) vs. MIN: You can’t really sit him, but it’s tough to recommend any Lions.

WR DeSean Jackson (PHI) @ NYG: They are gonna have to throw if they wanna win.

WR Domenik Hixon (NYG) vs. PHI: Its the sexy-pick-of-the-week, so I don’t wanna be left out, right? He should do about as good as he did last week (70+ yards).

WR Braylon Edwards (CLE) @ TEN: Just kidding.

WR Roddy White (ATL) @ NO: You gotta start him. His name is Roddy. Roddy!

WR Lance Moore (NO) vs. ATL: I worry about a guy named Lance, but the kid can play.

WR Marques Colston (NO) vs. ATL: I think Colston will join in the fun again this week.

WR Andre Johnson (HOU) @ GB: Green Bay’s secondary is tough, but Johnson is possibly the best WR in the NFL.

WR Kevin Walter (HOU) @ GB: The Packers moved CB Charles Woodson to safety this week, meaning nickel CB Tramon Williams will be matched up against Walter most of the time. Which means you should start him.

WR Greg Jennings (GB) vs. HOU: Mr. Jennings is pretty good, too.

WR Donald Driver (GB) vs. HOU: Driver is old, but he just keeps playing well. I think he is worth a start this week.

WR Ted Ginn (MIA) @ BUF: He had 177 yards last time they played.

WR Lee Evans (BUF) vs. MIA: He has been up and down this year, but I think the former Badger will connect with QB JP Losman, who actually throws a pretty good deep ball.

WR Randy Moss (NE) @ SEA: He had the dropsies last week. I think he makes up for it this week. In a big way.

WR Brandon Marshall (DEN) vs. KC: Has not been the animal we expected after his first game, but he has been pretty good. And KC is not good on defense.

WR Eddie Royal (DEN) vs. KC: See Marshall, Brandon.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC) @ DEN: The guy seems to put up 8 to 10 points, one way or another, every week. Well, except for last week. But Oakland has a very good pass defense. KC does not.

WR Mark Bradley (KC) @ DEN: See Bowe, Dwayne.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) @ STL: The Cardinals passing attack will get back on track. (Rhyme unintentional.)

WR Anquan Boldin (ARI) @ STL: See Fitzgerald, Larry.

WR Terrell Owens (DAL) @ PIT: Very tough matchup, but you cannot sit TO. He loves him some him. So he will get his.

WR Steve Smith (CAR) vs. TB: Almost always finds a way to make plays.

TE Dallas Clark (IND) vs. CIN: I just like his name.

TE Kevin Boss (NYG) vs. PHI: They might have to keep him in to help block, but I think he will get some catches.

TE Jeremy Shockey (NO) vs. ATL: His numbers have not been outrageous, but he has been putting up solid numbers lately.

TE Jason Witten (DAL) @ PIT: Tough matchup, but you gotta start him.

TE Chris Cooley (WAS) @ BAL: Another tough matchup, but again, you gotta start him.

TE Owen Daniels (HOU) @ GB: Start all your white TEs!

TE Tony Gonzalez (KC) @ DEN: Oh, yeah. And start Gonzo, too.

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