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Week 14: QB Rankings

So, I am going to try something new. I have never done rankings before, because, well, they take time. And I get paid by the hour. But it’s not to do this. Either way, I thought I would give it a shot, since everyone else seems to do it. And in reality, the start/sit recommendations do not give you much. Because what you really need to know is who to pick between two or three guys, and if they all appear on the start (or sit) list, you have learned nothing. So, here is my first stab at QB rankings (this list does not include Rivers or Russell, who played on Thursday night):

  1. Kurt Warner (ARI) @ STL
  2. Aaron Rodgers (GB) vs. HOU
  3. Drew Brees (NO) vs. ATL
  4. Jay Cutler (DEN) vs. KC
  5. Peyton Manning (IND) vs. CIN
  6. Matt Cassel (NE) @ SEA
  7. Tyler Thigpen (KC) @ DEN
  8. Matt Ryan (ATL) @ NO
  9. Eli Manning (NYG) vs. PHI
  10. Chad Pennington (MIA) @ BUF
  11. Brett Favre (NYJ) @ SF
  12. Gus Frerotte (MIN) @ DET
  13. Kyle Orton (CHI) vs. JAX
  14. Joe Flacco (BAL) vs. WAS
  15. Tony Romo (DAL) @ PIT
  16. Donovan McNabb (PHI) @ NYG
  17. Ryan Fitzpatrick (CIN) @ IND
  18. Matt Schaub (HOU) @ GB
  19. Shaun Hill (SF) vs. NYJ
  20. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) vs. DAL
  21. Kerry Collins (TEN) vs. CLE
  22. Marc Bulger (STL) vs. ARI
  23. David Garrard (JAX) @ CHI
  24. Jeff Garcia (TB) @ CAR
  25. Jake Delhomme (CAR) vs. TB
  26. Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) vs. NE
  27. Jason Campbell (WAS) @ BAL
  28. JP Losman (BUF) vs. MIA
  29. Daunte Culpepper (DET) vs. MIN
  30. Ken Dorsey (CLE) @ TEN

See my RB Rankings and WR Rankings, as well. And let me know what you think.

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