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Week 13: Random Thoughts

1. With RB Clinton Portis ailing and RB Marion Barber facing a brutal schedule down the stretch, it appears like RB Michael Turner (much to my chagrin), RB Thomas Jones, and RB Matt Forte are going to fight it out to see who will be the top-scoring fantasy RB this year.

2. RB Peyton Hillis has once again shown us that you cannot predict the Denver RB situation coming into the season.

3. QB Donovan McNabb made a pretty strong statement this week after being benched last week.

4. Is it just me, or does RB Brandon Jackson look like a better option in Green Bay than RB Ryan Grant?

5. It is amazing what a pass rush will do to a QB (see e.g. QB Drew Brees vs. Tampa Bay).

6. I could barely watch the Thanksgiving Day game between the Titans and the Lions.

7. Is there any team in the NFL better at running the ball than the New York Giants?

8. How does QB Brett Favre carve up the Titans and then struggle against the Broncos? Maybe the Packers were right: He is no longer a bad weather QB.

9. Is WR Lance Moore the new WR Marques Colston?

10. As if WR Braylon Edwards owners were not disappointed enough, now they will likely have to deal with QB Ken Dorsey as the starting QB.

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