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Week 12: Buy / Sell

Alright. Most trade deadlines have likely passed. But here is one last edition of “Buy / Sell” for anyone who can still make moves. Since most cannot, I will make it short and sweet.


QB Tony Romo (DAL): He is finally back, but had a poor outing. I think it will take him a game or two to adjust to his pinkie splint, but overall, he will be fine. Try to buy low now.

RB Steve Slaton (HOU): He has a very, very easy schedule to end the season. He had a huge game last week, so it might not be an easy task to pry him away from his owner. But suggest that Ahman Green is going to continue to vulture his TDs (which is a real threat) and see if that lowers the asking price.

RB Ryan Grant (GB): He has been playing well lately against some pretty tough defenses. The Packers are committed to the run, and Grant looks primed to go on a stretch of good games like he did at the end of last year. Do not give up too much for him, since he has some tough matchups, but he will definitely do better over the last few weeks than he did over the first.

WR Reggie Wayne (IND): Wayne had another down game (by his standards) last week, but QB Peyton Manning is clearly back, and the Colts have a very friendly schedule down the stretch. See if you can make a move for Wayne now. You will be happy you did.


RB Michael Turner (ATL): You know how I feel about him — he only plays well against poor defenses. He has scored 3 TDs in his last two weeks, which has saved him for fantasy purposes, but his rushing totals are not very good. Last week against Denver — who has one of the worst run defenses in the league — he only managed 81 yards on 25 carries. And he plays against Minnesota in week 16, which is likely your championship weekend.

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