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Week 11: Buy / Sell

It is week 11. Which means that trade deadlines are coming up very soon (or may have already passed). Friday is the trade deadline in one of my leagues, and next Friday is the deadline in the other. With this in mind, here are some players that I would try to “buy low” and/or “sell high” on before the deadline hits.


RB Marion Barber (DAL): I mentioned him last week, but I wanted to reiterate my point: You will not get Barber for nothing, but his value is the lowest it is going to be all season right now. So if you want him on your team (and I should think you would), now is the time to make a move for him. I think he will quickly return to form once QB Tony Romo returns. And with RB Felix Jones still nursing a hamstring injury, you do not have to worry about anyone stealing his carries.

RB Steve Slaton (HOU): Slaton had one of his worst games of the year last week. Yes, it was against Baltimore. But the Texans also tried to rest him because they are worried about him getting worn down. Although this is a legitimate concern for a rookie RB (particularly one of his stature), I think he will remain productive over the remainder of the season. Although he faces Tennessee in week 15 (playoffs), he has easy matchups against Indy, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Green Bay, and Oakland (week 16 — likely championship game) down the stretch.

WR Roy Williams (DAL): I think Williams will do pretty well when QB Tony Romo returns. I am not expecting him to put up WR1 numbers, but he should be a very good WR3 or even a decent WR2 going forward. And since he has done nothing since landing with the Cowboys, you might be able to get him cheaply. There is a risk, since we have no idea how the Cowboys will use him — or even how the Cowboys will play with Romo back — but the upside is high enough that I think it is a worthwhile risk.


RB Maurice Jones-Drew (JAX): I was not high on him coming into this year, and he has not been very consistent. He had a monster game last week (predictably — it was the Lions), but he will struggle for the most part for the rest of the year. He plays Tennessee, Minnesota, and Chicago in the coming weeks, but also has easy matchups against Houston, Green Bay, and Indianapolis. Even with these teams on the schedule, I would try to move him, because his value is about as high as it is going to get right now.

RB Michael Turner (ATL): You knew you would see him here. If you have read this site before, you know I am not a fan of Turner. He had a good game last week (due to a TD), but had very average stats otherwise (27 carries but only 96 yards). The Falcons are playing well, so I am not as bullish on moving Turner as I was early in the year, but I still think you would be best served to trade him. Keep in mind, though, that he plays Denver this week. If your trade deadline is next week, hold onto him until after the Denver game. He should have a big day. But that will likely be his last big game of the year. And given his ranking among fantasy RBs, you should be able to get something pretty good for him.

RB LenDale White (TEN): Yes, White has scored 11 TDs this year, and has scored at least one TD in every game but two. However, he does not get many yards (averaging less than 50 yards per game), and teams are starting to stack up against the run and force the Titans (and QB Kerry Collins) to beat them through the air. I think White will continue to get quite a few TDs, but I would try to move him for someone who gets more yards and is more consistent. White has scored quite a few fantasy points this year, so he should have good value as trade bait.

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