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Week 11: Watch List

Here are some guys to keep an eye on. They might not be worth adding to your roster now, but you should be aware of them and be the first to grab them if they continue to play well.

QB Drew Stanton (DET): Newly-acquired QB Daunte Culpepper got the start against the Jaguars, but he was fairly ineffective. Stanton, on the other hand, put up some decent stats. However, Stanton played in what amounted to garbage time, since the Jags had such a huge lead. See if Stanton gets the nod next week, though. Anyone who is throwing to WR Calvin Johnson is worth considering as a fantasy option.

WR Josh Morgan (SF): I recommended keeping an eye on Morgan awhile back, and he repayed the favor by posting a zero catch, zero yard performance. But this week against the Cardinals, he had 4 catches for 54 yards and a TD.

WR Jason Hill (SF): Did I really just recommend two 49ers WRs? Yes. But I am only suggesting you keep an eye on them. The 49ers threw a lot this week against the Cardinals, and I doubt they will throw nearly as much in the future. But Hill made some great catches and QB Shaun Hill looked his way often at the end of the game.

WR Teg Ginn (MIA): Ginn hauled in his first TD of the year, and has performed pretty well over the past few weeks. He is still very inconsistent, and his overall statistics are propped up by his explosion in week 9, but it does seem like he is gaining the confidence of QB Chad Pennington.

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