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Week 11: Waiver Wire

Here are some players you should consider adding to your roster if they are available in your league:

QB Joe Flacco (BAL): Flacco has played very well over the past 4 weeks, throwing for 6 TDs and zero INTs. His matchups get a little tougher, with the Giants and Ealges up next, but he is still worth a roster spot given how well he has been throwing the ball.

QB Tyler Thigpen (KC): Thigpen has thrown for 6 TDs and zero INTs over his past three games, and faces some pretty easy pass defenses at the end of the season.

QB Brady Quinn (CLE): Quinn played pretty well in his debut against the Broncos. Do not get too excited, though. The Broncos are awful against the pass. But he did look sharp, and is worth a roster spot if you need depth at QB. I would not expect him to be your starter, though. He has a pretty tough schedule ahead of him.

QB Matt Hasselbeck (SEA): After missing most of this season with a knee injury, Hasselbeck is expected to return to the lineup this week. ALthough the Seahawks are struggling in general this year, Hasselbeck could be an option if you are struggling to find a QB.

RB Kevin Smith (DET): It looks like the Lions’ coaches finally realized what everyone else seemed to know already: Smith is a better option than RB Rudi Johnson. If he continues to get 20+ carries, he could be a serviceable RB2 going forward. But do not get too excited; he faces Carolina, Tampa Bay, Tennesee, and Minnesota in his next four games.

RB Peyton Hillis (DEN): Someone has to run the ball in Denver, right? Torain, Pittman, and Hall are all on IR. And RB Selvin Young is still struggling with a groin injury. The Broncos signed RB Alex Haynes this week, but it is not clear if he will be ready to go this weekend. I think Hillis will continue to be involved either way.

RB Julius Jones (SEA): Jones appears to be the main RB in Seattle (at least for the time being), getting 16 carries compared to only 1 for RB Maurice Morris. Jones could give you some RB depth going forward, but do not expect too much from him, although the return of QB Matt Hasselbeck could certainly improve his stock.

RB Dominic Rhodes (IND): Although RB Joseph Addai is back in the lineup, it is clear that Rhodes is still going to be involved. He had 7 carries (Addai had 12) against the Steelers, and he 2 passes for 24 yards and a TD. He is not going to be a starter for you, but if you are looking for depth, you could do a lot worse.

WR Mark Bradley (KC): Since arriving in Kansas City, Bradley has increased his yardage totals each week. And he has scored 2 TDs. I think QB Tyler Thigpen — who is playing pretty well himself — might have found another WR to throw to other than WR Dwayne Bowe.

WR Michael Jenkins (ATL): After catching 2 TDs last week, Jenkins caught 6 balls for 72 yards against the Saints. If you need a WR — even if just for next week, when Jenkins faces Denver — consider adding Jenkins, who appears to be developing a report with QB Matt Ryan.

TE Kevin Boss (NYG): Boss had his best game of the year against the Eagles, and has scored a TD in three straight games. Manning seems to be gaining trust in the second-year TE. He could be solid over the last few games of the fantasy season, although the Giants have a tough matchup next week against the Ravens.

TE Billy Miller (NO): Over the past 5 games, Miller is averaging 63 yards. Much of this is because RB Jeremey Shockey has been out, but Shockey is not a very popular guy in New Orleans these days, and he may have suffered an ankle injury last game. Consider adding Miller if you need help at TE,

TE Tony Scheffler (DEN): He finally returned from a groin injury last week and ended up with 92 yards. Someone in your leauge might have dropped him, since he has been out for a few weeks. See if he is available.

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