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Week 10: Random Thoughts

1. RB Adrian Peterson is very good. Especially against a weak run defense like the Packers.

2. Watch out for WRs who are matched up agianst Al Harris and Charles Woodson for the rest of the year. Harris held WR Bernard Berrian without a catch. And Woodson is playing as well as any CB in the league right now.

3. RB Chris Johnson and RB Steve Slaton had rough outings against tough defenses. Look for both to bounce back next week.

4. WR Marvin Harrison is clearly not himself these days. He dropped two potential TD passes against the Steelers that he would have caught easily two years ago.

5. But for a touchdown run, RB Michael Turner had a very average day against a very average Saints defense. He only totaled 96 yards on the ground, but it took him 27 carries (3.5 average). He has a great matchup against Denver in week 11, but things get tougher after that.

6. Rookie WR Eddie Royal continues to play extremely well in Denver.

7. Packers RB Ryan Grant seems to play just about the same, regardless of the strength of the opposing defense. Unfortunately, the level at which he is playing makes him only marginally successful in fantasy football.

8. If Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson cannot have a huge day against the Chiefs, is he even worth starting anymore?

9. It took a tipped pass that somehow ended in a TD, but WR Reggie Wayne is back. And his schedule gets easier from this point forward.

10. I know Denver is awful on defense, and he only threw short (“safe”) passes, but QB Brady Quinn gives Browns fans some hope.

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