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Week 10: Buy / Sell

Another weekly installment of Buy / Sell…

BUY: Here are some players who I think are undervalued right now, meaning I believe they will produce at a level above their current output over the remainder of the season. If you can, make a move to trade for these players. In the case of the bigger names, try to take advantage of the frustrations of their current owners, but realize that you cannot get them with a complete low-ball offer. For the lesser-known players, see if you can get a deal on them, but realize that their owners probably want a premium, given the potential they each present. As with most fantasy trades, you just have to work a deal so the other manager feels like they are getting the better deal, and offer players that help their team out.

RB Marion Barber (DAL): Barber is still a top-5 fantasy RB, but his numbers have been way down lately. Most people probably realize that his production will bounce back once QB Tony Romo returns, but you might be able to get a deal on him now. Do not expect to get him for nothing, but I think Barber will end up either #1 or #2 in points among fantasy RBs, so if you can get him now at a value that is anything less than that, I think you would be getting a deal. Many fantasy players are easily frustrated when their studs fail to produce, so see if you can take advantage of his recent lack of product and the confusion in Dallas.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): Looking back, I wish I had recommended making a move for him when I learned that the Cardinals might be phasing out RB Edgerrin James, but I had no idea they would phase him out this quickly. I loved Hightower coming into the NFL draft this year, and am not surprised that he is playing well. He had (by far) his best game of the season in week 9, so his value his high right now. But I think he will perform very well over the rest of the season. The Cardinals have a very powerful offense and he will get tons of chances to score.

WR Randy Moss (NE): As I have said before, Moss will not return to his 2007 form this year. But he can still be a very productive WR. If you forget about his name and what he did last year, and just consider his stats, he is still playing fairly well. In my league, he is the 18th highest scoring fantasy WR, making him a pretty good WR2 on most teams. Although he does have two stinker games (2.6 points and 4.5 points), he is averaging 10.7 points over the past 5 weeks. However, his owners wanted the best WR1 in fantasy, so you might be able take advantage of their disappointment.

WR Terrell Owens (DAL): See Barber, Marion.

WR Reggie Wayne (IND): After starting out very hot, Wayne has cooled off significantly, failing to score more than 8.5 points for the past three weeks. However, after his game against Pittsburgh this week, he faces some very user-friendly defenses down the stretch. Now is an ideal time to try and trade for him. I think he will return to his early-season form after next week. Get him now.

WR Roy Williams (DAL): I am still not sure what to think of Roy Williams as a Cowboy, but I am pretty confident that he will do much better than he has so far once QB Tony Romo returns. I would not want to give up too much for him, but if you can afford to, you might want to take a gamble on him. He is a very good WR, and should be much more comfortable in the offense after the bye week.

SELL: Here are some guys who I think are overvalued right now, meaning I believe they will not continue to perform at their current level for the rest of the season. If you can, try to sell high on these guys. Hopefully you can find someone in your league who believes they will continue at their current pace. For some of these guys (if not all of them), you will likely have to give up more than you are receiving — at least in perceived (current) value. But just be aware that you are getting a better value in the long-term. Obviously there are risks associated with trading your good players. But no one ever won a fantasy championship without either taking risks or just being very lucky. And, unfortunately, most of us are not that lucky.

RB Michael Turner (ATL): Okay. I have been over this before. But I really do think you should try to move Turner if you have him. And now is the perfect time, because he had a good game last week. But realize that he played well against an Oakland defense that is ranked 30th against the run. Turner only plays well against bad defenses. He has only scored more than 5.8 fantasy points against Detroit (31st against the run), Kansas City (32nd), Green Bay (27th), and Oakland (30th). And looking forward, other than Denver (26th) in week 11, Turner plays New Orleans (18th), Carolina (14th), San Diego (16th), New Orleans (18th), Tampa Bay (13th), and Minnesota (2nd). (He also plays against St. Louis (29th), but that is in week 17, and most fantasy championships are in week 16.) The average rank of the defense Turner plays is 15th. And for a comparison, against Tampa Bay (13th), he scored 4.8 points; against Carolina (14th), he scored 5.5 points. He might have one more big game (against Denver), but otherwise, I do not expect him to score more than 10 points again this year. Trade him now. If I had Turner on my team, I would be willing to give him up for a guy like RB Chris Johnson or RB Marion Barber (see comments above). I might even consider taking a risk and moving him for a guy like RB Tim Hightower (see comments above) and a WR2, if you can make it happen.  Turner has played very well this year (on paper), so use this to your advantage and trade him now for someone who will out-perform him for the rest of the year.

WR Braylon Edwards (CLE): It is a long shot, but you might be able to find some people out there who are riding on the QB Brady Quinn bandwagon and think Edwards is going to turn it around now that Quinn is at QB. But it was not Anderson’s fault that Edwards was dropping so many passes. See if you can convince another owner that it is, though, and move Edwards. He could have a good game this week against Denver, who is awful on defense, but overall the Browns face a rough schedule down the stretch. This may be your best chance to get something for Edwards, who has been a huge disappointment this year.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET): Oddly enough, I almost listed CJ in the “BUY” section of this post, because his value has taken a hit recently with the QB issues in Detroit. But then I thought some more about it, and decided that you should probably try to move him, if you can. QB Daunte Culpepper will likely be taking over in Detroit this week, but he has been out of football since last year, and did not play all that well when he had the chance. Although a small part of me thinks that he might turn into the Culpepper of old and take us back to the days of Culpepper-Moss, the realistic side of me thinks that he will likely struggle, mostly because Detroit is just a bad team. Johnson’s value is not all that high right now, due to the obvious nature of the problems in Detroit, but he is a big name and has good stats, so you can probably move him. In one of my leagues, someone just traded RB Steve Slaton straight up for Johnson. I think that is a fair trade for both teams.

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