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Week 10: Watch List

QB Daunte Culpepper (DET): Culpepper just signed with the Lions a week ago, but starter QB Dan Orlovsky (hand) is injured and out indefinitely, so the Lions might look to Culpepper as soon as this week. The other possibility is QB Drew Stanton, but the Lions offensive coordinator recently said that Stanton would “embarrass” himself if he was put in the game. So Culpepper looks like the guy. But do not expect him to do much right away, since he just signed with the team. However, if you recall how great the Culpepper-Moss connection was,  you are probably salivating at the Culpepper-Johnson possibilities.

QB Shaun Hill (SF): Hill has replaced former starter QB J.T. O’Sullivan, who had his ups and downs this year. Hill lacks the ability to move out of the pocket and create big plays like O’Sullivan, but I think the reason the 49ers made the switch is because Hill protects the ball better. However, it is not clear yet how well he will perform. I suspect he might be a worthwhile start against weak matchups, so keep an eye on him to see how he works out.

WR Sidney Rice (MIN): Rice returned to the lineup last week but only caught 1 pass, that happened to be a TD. I like Rice, and think he will put up decent numbers when he gets healthy. Keep an eye on him over the next week or two to see how well he connects with QB Gus Frerotte.

WR Josh Morgan (SF): I was very high on Morgan, but an extremely poor showing in his last game brought me back to earth. Do not expect him to blow up, but do keep an eye on him to see if he develops a report with new starter QB Shaun Hill.

WR Mike Walker (JAX): Walker is another guy I like quite a bit, but he has been battling injuries. I think he is finally getting close to returning, but it seems like each week he has another setback. Keep an eye on him, though, if he ever does make it back into the lineup (particularly once WR Matt Jones is suspended).

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