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Week 9: Watch List

Here are some guys to keep an eye on to see how they perform. They are probably not worth adding to your roster right now, but watch them and be the first to add them if they continue to play well.

QB Tyler Thigpen (KC): Thigpen is the starting QB in KC, like it or not. Huard and Croyle are on IR. So Thigpen will be the guy going forward. Initially, I thought that this would effectively kill the fantasy value of all other players in KC. But Thigpen looked sharp against the Jets on Sunday. Keep an eye on him to see how he develops over the next couple of weeks. He could be a major sleeper down the stretch.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): Edgerrin James was limited to 17 yards on 7 carries last week, and there are rumors that rookie RB Tim Hightower may soon take over for James as the starter in Arizona. It is not clear, however, how effective Hightower will be. He has been a great short-yardage back this year, but might not be good enough to be a starting RB. However, with James signed through 2009, the Cardinals might want to find out how good Hightower is, to know whether they will want to keep James (and his salary) around for another year.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): Gage finally returned last to action on MNF against the Colts. He only had 1 catch for 6 yards, but was targeted a few other times. I am slightly concerned, though, since QB Kerry Collins threw the ball more times than he has all season, and Gage only had 1 catch. But this was his first action back in a few weeks. So keep an eye on him and see if he returns to his pre-injury form.

WR Ted Ginn (MIA): Ginn blew up in week 8 with 175 yards receiving. However, he only had 177 yards all season coming into week 8. Some might say this was his breakout game and he is poised to perform well over the remainder of the season. And others might say it was just a fluke. I say wait and see. But if you need help this week, he does play against the Broncos, who give up a ton of yards through the air and are without starting CB Champ Bailey.

WR Sidney Rice (MIN): Rice might finally return to action this week after missing a number of games with a knee injury. Rice is a big target with pretty good speed, who could benefit from playing along side WR Bernard Berrian, not to mention the improved passing attackof the Vikings with QB Gus Frerotte. However, as with most players (except for Anquan Boldin, apparently) who are coming off injuries, you should not expect much of him right away. But keep an eye on him, because he could turn into a WR3 down the stretch.

WR Mike Walker (JAX): I have liked Walker for awhile, but a knee injury set him back early in the season. However, he had a good outing against a tough Pittsburgh defense right before he was sidelined. Plus, he is set to come back this week, which is convenient given that WR Matt Jones is likely to be suspended very soon. Keep an eye on how the Jags use Walker and be quick to add him if he picks up where he left off.

TE Martellus Bennett (DAL): Bennett is on the watch list as well as my waiver wire list, because it all depends on the injury status of TE Jason Witten (ribs). If Witten can play with his broken rib, then Bennett does not have much value. However, if Witten misses any time, Bennett should step into the starting lineup and could perform fairly well (at least when QB Tony Romo returns).

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