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Week 8: Random Thoughts

1. Did anyone lose because Drew Brees registered -26 yards rushing on that intentional safety play in London?

2. Clinton Portis has at least 120 yards rushing in five straight games. He is my midseason MVP.

3. How much do TO, Barber, and Witten owners want Tony Romo back at QB?

4. Donnie Avery makes some amazing adjustments on the ball.

5. Is Tyler Thigpen for real? Bowe and Gonzalez owners sure hope so.

6. Matt Schaub is finally living up to his preseason expectations.

7. How happy are Brian Westbrook owners right now?

8. Has WR Ted Ginn finally arrived? Or was his 175 yards on Sunday a fluke? He had only 177 yards all season before Sunday.

9. Kurt Warner can throw on anyone. The Panthers came in giving up the fewest passing yards in the NFL. Warner threw for 381 on Sunday.

10. Andre Johnson has at least 9 catches in 5 of 7 games this year. He is on pace for 128 cathces for 1764 yards. Wow.

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