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Week 8: Watch List

Here is a list of players that I think you should keep an eye on. Some of them might be worth adding now, if you are in a 12-team league or have some room on your bench. And the others are guys you should watch to see how they perform, and be the first to add them if they continue to play well.

RB Kevin Smith (DET): Kevin Smith was benched in favor of Rudi Johnson, but Smith has out-performed Johnson over the past couple of weeks. Look for Smith to continue to get more touches and possibly re-take his starting role.

RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis (NE): Maroney is on IR and Sammy Morris may have suffered a knee injury last night against Denver. After he went out, Green-Ellis came in and rushed 13 times for 65 yards and a TD. Granted, this was against Denver, but he performed well. Keep an eye on Morris’ and Lamont Jordan’s injury status. Update (10/23/08): The latest news is that RB Sammy Morris is expected to miss 2-3 weeks, and RB LaMont Jordan is likely out this week (at least). So look for Green-Ellis to lead the Patriots in carries this week, with RB Kevin Faulk being utilized as a third-down RB.

WR Sidney Rice (MIN): Rice is a big WR with good speed, but he has missed time with a knee injury this year. He should return soon, though, and may be worth a spot. The Vikings are passing the ball much more effectively than most expected.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): As with Rice, Gage has missed quite a few games this year with a knee injury. However, when healthy, he was the main target of QB Kerry Collins. Once he returns, I think he will be a viable fantasy option at WR2 or WR3.

WR Javon Walker (OAK): The Raiders appear more willing to throw the ball now that Lane Kiffin is gone, which means Walker is getting more looks. He scored a TD last week, but otherwise has not done much this year. Keep an eye on him and the Raiders to see how their pass game develops.

WR Nate Washington (PIT): Washington has two long TD catches in the past two games. However, as with guys like Devery Henderson, he is feast-or-famine. But keep an eye on him and see if Roethlisberger keeps looking his way.

TE Greg Olsen (CHI): Chicago’s passing game is better than most expected, and Olsen has been getting more involved lately. He has at least 3 catches in his last 4 games, and had 6 catches for 74 yards and a TD last week. Given how hard it is to find quality TEs this year, he might be worth looking into, particularly since the Bears have a fairly easy schedule.

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