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Week 7 Start-Sit: Right & Wrong

For my Week 7 start-sit predictions, (by my calculations) I was right 20 times and wrong 9 times, for an accuracy rating of 69%. Not great, but pretty good considering I tried to avoid the obvious must-start players. I was much better on my “starts” (15-5) than my “sits” (5-4). Judge for yourself. Here is a recap:

I said Start:

QB Aaron Rodgers, WR Greg Jennings, WR Donald Driver (GB) vs. Indianapolis Colts: Rodgers performed well enough to start (186 yards, 1 TD), although it was not on par with his usual performances. But Jennings and Driver each had less than 40 yards, though. (1-2)

QB Trent Edwards, WR Lee Evans (BUF) vs. San Diego Chargers: Both played well. (3-2)

QB Drew Brees (NO) at Carolina: Brees played his worst game of the year, but he is still a must-start player, I think. Either way, I was wrong. (3-3)

QB Gus Frerotte, WR Bernard Berrian (MIN) at Chicago Bears: Frerotte had 4 picks, but he also had 298 yards and 2 TDs, making him a top-10 fantasy QB this week. And Berrian had 86 yards and a TD. (5-3)

QB Matt Schaub, RB Steve Slaton, WR Andre Johnson (HOU) vs. Detroit Lions: All three played very well. And TE Owen Daniels had his best game of the year. (9-3)

QB Tony Romo or QB Brad Johnson (DAL) at St. Louis Rams: Romo was out, and Brad Johnson was awful. I was wrong. But RB Marion Barber did play pretty well (18 carries, 100 yards, TD). (10-4)

RB Willie Parker (PIT) at Cincinnati Bengals: Parker did not play, but as I predicted, RB Mewelde Moore performed well in his stead. (11-5)

RB Chris Johnson (TEN) at Kansas City Chiefs: 168 yards and a TD. I also suggested starting LenDale White, but did not endorse him all that strongly, so I will not take the credit. (12-5)

RB Dominic Rhodes (IND) at Green Bay Packers: Rhodes had 114 total yards and 2 TDs. (13-5)

RB Matt Forte (CHI) vs. Minnesota Vikings: Once again, it was not pretty, but Forte put up fantasy points. (14-5)

RB Kevin Smith (DET) at Houston Texans. Smith was my “Sleeper-of-the-Week” pick and he delivered with 10 carries for 60 yards and a TD. (15-5)

WR Randy Moss (NE) vs. Denver Broncos: We will see tonight.

I said Sit:

QB Chad Pennington (MIA) vs. Baltimore Ravens: Pennington had 295 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT, plus 25 rushind yards, and was the second highest scoring fantasy QB this week. Definitely wrong. (15-6)

RB Ronnie Brown, RB Ricky Williams (MIA) vs. Baltimore Ravens: Brown: 28 total yards. Williams: 16 total yards. Both very ugly. (17-6)

RB Chris Perry, RB Cedric Benson (CIN) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Perry was benched in favor of Benson. But Benson only totaled 62 yards. (19-6)

RB Jonathan Stewart, RB DeAngelo Williams (CAR) vs. New Orleans Saints: Williams had 70 total yards. Stewart had 71, but did score a TD. So he would have been an okay start. (20-7)

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC) vs. Tennessee Titans: Bowe had 86 yards, which puts him 21st on the list of WRs. Not great, but probably good enough to start in most leagues. (20-8)

WR Santana Moss (WAS) vs. Cleveland Browns: I was definitely wrong. He bounced back. Moss had 75 yards and a TD. (20-9)

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