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Week 5: Watch List

Here are some players who I think are on the verge of being worthy of a roster spot. Add them now if you have the room. Otherwise, wait and see what they do and be the first to jump on them if they finally break through.

RB Lawrence Maroney (NE): There might be no more frustrating player in fantasy football. Maroney is very talented, but has struggled with injuries and simply is not utilized by the Patriots. But he is getting healthy, and I think they will use him more and more as the season wears on (especially now that Jordon is injured).

WR Mike Walker (JAX): I loved Walker coming out of UCF, but apparently it took him awhile to get comfortable in the NFL. He had 5 catches last week and 6 catches this week, so keep an eye on him to see if he continues to be a big part of the offense. The Jags have no legitimate WR threat, so he has an opportunity to establish himself as a main target for Garrard.

WR Chris Henry (CIN): Henry was active last week, but he did not have a catch. However, Palmer actually appears to be playing alright, and teams are focusing on Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, which means Henry (once he reacclimates to the NFL) could see some balls thrown his way.

WR Devin Hester (CHI): Hester had a lot of hype coming into the season, but he has done very little. However, Orton is playing well, and the Bears seem intent on getting Hester involved on offense. Last week, he had 5 catches for 66 yards and a TD, after having 3 catches for 27 yards the week prior. If Chicago keeps feeding him the ball, he might be worth a roster spot.

WR Josh Morgan (SF): Morgan played very well in the preseason, but then missed the first part of the season with a staph infection. He came back last week and had 2 catches. Keep an eye on him, as he could become a bigger part of the SF offense as he gets healthy.

WR Dominic Hixon (NYG): Plaxico was out last week, and Hixon stepped up and caught 4 balls for 102 yards and a TD. However, he also left the game with an injury. Keep an eye on his status to see how he recovers. He could be worth a roster spot going forward, even after Plaxico returns.

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