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Week 5: Key Injuries

There were quite a few injuries this week, but most of them do not appear to be very serious. Here are some of the key players who got beat up this weekend:

QB Trent Edwards (BUF): Edwards suffered a concussion early in the game Sunday and did not return. Advice: Early reports indicate that Edwards will be ready for next week. But check back later in the week for updates.

QB Jon Kitna (DET): Although some think he was simply benched, Kitna was experienced back spasms and was forced to leave the game. Advice: I think he will be fine next week, but it looks like Dan Orlovsky will go if his back is not better.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub did not play on Sunday because he spent Saturday night in the hospital with a viral infection. Advice: Schaub should be healthy enough to play next week.

QB Aaron Rodgers (GB): Rodgers looked good throwing the ball despite his shoulder injury. His INT was a bad decision, and had nothing to do with his shoulder. Advice: You can start him with confidence next week against Seattle.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): Westbrook fractured two ribs on Sunday, but continued to play despite the injury. Advice: He played with fractured ribs in 2004, but it is not clear (yet) whether he will be able to play this weekend. So, add Buckhalter if you can, and see how Westbrook does this week in practice.

WR Chris Chambers (SD): Chambers suffered a leg injury on Sunday, but the severity of the injury is unknown. Advice: The injury looked bad and Chambers was carted off the field. I think he could miss some time. See if you can add Craig “Buster” Davis, who will likely get the looks that used to go to Chambers.

WR Eddie Royal (DEN): Royal suffered an ankle injury on a punt return in the third quarter. Advice: It is not clear yet how bad the injury is, but I read a report saying he could miss the game next week against the Jags. If Stokley is available in your league, add him, since he will get the start in place of Royal and should get plenty of looks from Cutler.

WR Dominic Hixon (NYG): He played very well while Plaxico was out, but suffered a concussion during the game. Advice: His value is mostly tied to Plaxico missing time due to his one-game suspension, but he should be back next week. I doubt he will be worth a start, though.

WR Deion Branch (SEA): After his long-awaited return to the lineup, Branch injured his heel in the game and did not return. Advice: Branch is out indefinitely. Do not count on him being back in the lineup any time soon.

WR Anquan Boldin (ARI): Boldin underwent surgery for his fractured sinus membrane and could take up to 10 days to recover. Advice: Hopefully you were able to add Steve Breaston (7 catches, 77 yards), who will continue to start in place of Boldin while he is out.

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