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Week 5 Start/Sit: Bad Matchups

The decision to start/sit a player really depends on your alternatives. With that in mind, here are some players/teams with some bad matchups this week (that you might be considering) that I would sit:

QB Joe Flacco, RB Willis McGahee, RB Le’Ron McClain, WR Derrick Mason (BAL): Yeah, I do not like the Ravens this week. Baltimore played well against the Steelers last week, but the Titans have a very good defense. Plus, the Ravens are coming off a short week and just played a very physical game. Out of these players, I would be most comfortable starting McClain, because McGahee is beat up (ribs) and he is most likely to see any goal line carries.

QB Jon Kitna, RB Rudi Johnson (DET): The Lions are coming off of their bye week, so Kitna should be healthy. However, they are up against a very tough Bears defense. Rudi Johnson is the new starter, and played well in week 3, but I think the Bears will shut him down. Kitna will put up decent numbers, making Calvin Johnson and possibly even Roy Williams worth a start, but he will likely have a few turnovers, hurting his value.

RB Reggie Bush, RB Deuce McCallister (NO): The Vikings have a very stout run defense, so do not look for McAllister to do as well as he did last week. Bush, on the other hand, should be active in the passing game, making him a borderline start. Titans RB Chris Johnson (who is similar to Bush) put up solid numbers last week, but the Titans are a much better running team, so do not expect the same from Bush.

WR Chad Johnson / Ochocinco (CIN): Johnson has struggled all year, and the recent injury to QB Carson Palmer has not helped his hopes of turning it around. Dallas has a very tough defense, so look for Johnson to struggle again this week. The Bengals will have to score a lot if they want to compete with Dallas, but I do not see Fitzpatrick having much success.

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