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Week 4: Buy / Sell

BUY: Often, there are some guys who struggle to start the season, but will eventually come around. You should try to capitalize on the frustrations of their current owners and “buy low” on the following players:

QB Matt Hasselbeck (SEA): Hasselbeck is really struggling this year, mostly due to a complete lack of options in the passing game. However, both Engram and Branch are expected to return very soon (possibly in week 5). Plus, Julius Jones has been running pretty well. He will do much better during the second half of the year.

RB Thomas Jones (NYJ): The Jets started out the year being very conservative on offense, as Favre got used to the new system. As Favre learns more of the plays and becomes more comfortable in the offense, Jones will see more running room. And Favre is a great play-action QB, so they will definitely try to get Jones involved to set up some throws downfield off of the play-action.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC): Bowe has played pretty well this year, but now that Huard is back, he should continue to put up solid numbers. Huard looks to Bowe often, and Bowe has good hands and good body control. If Larry Johnson continues to run well, and Gonzalez can work the middle of the field, Bowe should have plenty of opportunities to make plays.

SELL: And sometimes, guys perform very well for a period of time, but cannot sustain it over the entire year. You should look to capitalize on their perceived value and “sell high”. I would try to move the following players and trade for someone more consistent:

RB Michael Turner (ATL): It may be too early to judge Turner, but so far he has only performed well at home against two of the worst defenses in the NFL. I am not convinced that he can be consistent, which is what you need out of a RB1. The Packers allow 160 rushing yards a game. I would sell high after this week.

RB Reggie Bush (NO): Tough to sell high after he scores 3.8 points in week 4, but I think Reggie will struggle to be consistent this year, especially now that Deuce is back in the mix. Reggie will be involved in the passing game, but he is not as productive as you need a RB2 to be. Flashy and fun, but not consistently productive.

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