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Week 9: Friday Injury Report

October 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are some notable injuries to keep in mind as you set your lineups for Week 9:

RB Steven Jackson (STL): Jackson (thigh) has been limited in practice all week and will likely be a game-time decision. Advice: If you have another option, I would go with it. Even if he does play, he will not be at 100%. And RB Antonio Pittman will probably get some touches, as well.

RB Larry Johnson (KC): Johnson is not injured, but he has been deactivated by the Chiefs this week and will not play. Advice: Backup RB Jamaal Charles (ankle) is injured and will be limited, which means RB Kolby Smith will get most of the carries. Also, the NFL has suspended Johnson for Week 10, so he will not be available next week either.

RB Darren McFadden (OAK): McFadden (toe) missed practice all week and will likely be out this week. Advice: McFadden has not been playing all that well this year anyway, so avoid him.

RB Willis McGahee (BAL): McGahee (ankle) missed some practice time this week, but is expected to play. Advice: I think McGahee is a safe play, but expect RB Ray Rice to get some touches, as well.

RB Willie Parker (PIT): Parker (knee) has looked good in practice this week, and should be ready to play against the Redskins. Advice: Parker plays on MNF, so you will have to make a decision on him early so you can set your lineup for Sunday. If you have Moore, that makes it easier. But if you do not, you might consider other options. I think Parker will play, but Moore will likely continue to get some touches as they ease him back into the lineup.

WR Santana Moss (WAS): Moss (hamstring) missed practice time this week and is expected to be a game-time decision. Advice: I suggested sitting Moss due to the matchup, and this makes me even less confident in his chances to perform well. Since the game is on MNF, you should probably go with a different option, or risk being stuck with no one if Moss sits out.

TE Jason Witten (DAL): Witten (ribs) has not practiced this week but keeps saying he will play. Advice: If you have other options at TE, you might want to go with one of them. Witten might play, but he is clearly not 100%, and his numbers have been down without Romo. Plus, the Giants are a tough matchup.

TE Tony Scheffler (DEN): Scheffler (groin) has been practicing and should play this week. Advice: I think he will be ready to go, but as with most players coming off injuriers, he will likely not be 100%. Beyond that, he has a pretty tough matchup, so unless you are desperate, I would bench him.


Week 9: Sit

October 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are some players who have poor matchups this week. I recommend benching these players, unless you do not have a better option.

QB Brett Favre (NYJ): Favre has thrown 7 INTs and only 3 TDs n his last 4 games. Buffalo is not great against the pass (and last week Pennington and Ginn lit them up), but they are good enough to take advantage of a guy like Favre, who tends to take too many risks.

QB Derek Anderson (CLE): He has not been playing well this year and the Ravens should be able to make that trend continue.

QB Tyler Thigpen (KC): Do not be fooled by his performance last week. The Bucs are much tougher than the Jets.

QB Jason Campbell (WAS): I will list Campbell here because he has a bad matchup, but I am not necessarily convinced you should bench him. The Steelers are pretty tough on defense, but Campbell has been playing very well. I think he will score about 10 points, but you can probably do better.

QB Brad Johnson (DAL): No way.

RB Jamal Lewis (CLE): The Ravens are very tough on defense. Do not expect Lewis to find much room to run against his former team.

RB Ryan Torain (DEN): I only list him here because I have been so high on him coming out of the bye week. However, I do not expect much from him this week. Not only is Miami pretty tough against the run, but I think it will take him a week or two before he is ready to roll. But if you are looking for a super-sleeper, Torain is your man. He should get some carries, given the injuries to the other Denver RBs.

RB Ryan Grant (GB): Do not be fooled by his last two performances. He had decent yardage totals and finally scored his first TD of the year, but it took him a ton of carries and it was against two very poor run defenses. I would be surprised if he got above 50 yards against the Titans. Plus he has had ball security issues lately.

RB Darren McFadden (OAK): I only list him here because too many people still seem to be infatuated with the talented-yet-unproductive rookie. I just read that he is now dealing with an injury to his other foot/toe, which makes him even less attractive. I would stay away.

WR Braylon Edwards (CLE): See Anderson, Derek.

WR Dwayne Bowe (KC): Bowe usually gets his catches no matter what, but he has a pretty tough matchup this week against the Bucs. If you do not have any other options, Bowe is worth a start. But do not expect much.

WR Santana Moss (WAS): Moss has burned me before when I put him on the “sit” list, but I just do not have a good feeling about the Redskins in this matchup. I actually think they will win the game, but I think they will do it in a very ugly fashion that will not produce a lot of fantasy points.

TE Jason Witten (DAL): Witten has a fractured rib, is dealing with Brad Johnson (and maybe Brooks Bollinger) at QB, and has a tough matchup against the Giants. I have a very hard time recommending that you sit him but there are just too many things working against him right now. However, Witten is very tough (he played a couple years ago with a broken jaw), and this is a big game, so only bench him if you have a pretty good alternative. Also, keep an eye on his status going into the game. He is still not 100% sure to play.

TE Tony Scheffler (DEN): I went back and forth on Scheffler, but ultimately decided to recommend that you sit him. He is coming off an injury and has a pretty tough matchup. I think the Broncos will focus on getting the ball outside to Marshall and Royal, leaving few opportunities for Scheffler.

Week 9: Start

October 30, 2008 3 comments

Here are some players who have good matchups this week (in no particular order). I recommend starting these players, unless it means benching one of your studs.

QB Trent Edwards (BUF): The Jets allowed QB Tyler Thigpen to throw for 280 yards last week. Look for Edwards to bounce back after a down game against Miami.

QB Kyle Orton (CHI): Orton wins the fantasy football version of the lottery this week, as he gets to play the Detroit Lions. The Lions give up an average of 17 points to fantasy QBs, and Orton should easily reach that mark.

QB David Garrard (JAX): The Bengals cannot stop anyone. And Garrard is starting to play well.

QB Jeff Garcia (TB): Garcia is playing well right now, and the Chiefs present a very favorable matchup.

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub is on fire right now and should continue to perform well against the Vikings, who are tough against the run but vulnerable against the pass. They will not be able to stop Andre Johnson.

QB Marc Bulger (STL): The Cardinals can definitely be beat through the air.

QB Kurt Warner (ARI): At this point, he is a must-start fantasy QB. He should torch the St. Louis secondary, which gives up over 250 passing yards per game.

QB Aaron Rodgers (GB): Okay, full disclosure: I am a huge Packers fan, and I think the Packers are going to beat the Titans. But my unbiased advice is to start Rodgers. The Titans are very tough, but as we saw last week with Peyton Manning, QBs can throw TDs against them. Rodgers has been playing very well this year and I think he will have a good day.

QB Chad Pennington (MIA): Denver is awful against the pass, and Champ Bailey is out.

QB Jay Cutler (DEN): There are some concerns about his hand, but he should be healthy after the bye week, and Miami is a very favorable matchup.

QB Jamarcus Russell (OAK): Russell is a sleeper this week. He plays an Atlanta defense that gives up an average of 14.3 fantasy points per week to QBs, and he gets them at home. He is worth a start if you are in need of a QB.

QB Donovan McNabb (PHI): McNabb has been playing very well this year and Seattle should not present much of a problem for him.

RB Matt Forte (CHI): Detroit is simply awful on defense. Forte should have a huge day.

RB Earnest Graham (TB): KC gives up nearly 200 rushing yards and 2 TDs per game. Graham should have a big day.

RB Steve Slaton (HOU): Slaton has slowed down a little lately, and he faces a very tough Minnesota run defense. However, he should still be involved in the passing game, which makes him worth a start.

RB Adrian Peterson (MIN): Houston has given up the second-most rushing TDs per game other than KC this year. So Peterson is in line for a pretty big day, particularly since the Vikings will likely have to score a bunch to keep up with Houston’s offense.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): St. Louis gives up 1.6 rushing TDs per game, and I expect the Cardinals to score quite a bit in this game. So unless they are all on long passes to Fitzgerald and Boldin, Hightower should get a couple chances to cross the goal line.

RB Chris Johnson (TEN): The Packers have struggled to stop the run this year, so expect the Titans to give Johnson plenty of opportunities to rack up yards.

RB LenDale White (TEN): Although I doubt he will get many yards, he will almost certainly have a score or two. The Packers are soft against the run, so the Titans will likely look to White when they get inside the 5 yard line.

RB Ronnie Brown (MIA): Denver is the second friendliest fantasy defense to RBs behind KC. So Brown (and even RB Ricky Williams) are attractive plays this week.

RB Brandon Jacobs (NYG): Dallas seems like they should be so much better on defense, but they have not been very strong. I expect the Giants to use Jacobs often, to wear the Cowboys down and simply dominate them in the trenches.

RB Marion Barber (DAL): He is a must-start, even though it is not a favorable matchup and the QB situation is still shaky.

RB Michael Turner (ATL): I am not a huge Turner fan, but this is a favorable matchup. And it may be your last chance to start him for awhile, so take advantage of it.

RB Brian Westbrook (PHI): He is a must-start and should have a huge day against Seattle.

RB Clinton Portis (PIT): Portis has another tough matchup, but he is an absolute stud this year, so you have to start him, even though he is banged up.

WR Brandon Lloyd (CHI): Lloyd is expected to return to action this week, and has a very friendly matchup against Detroit, who gives up the most fantasy points to WRs. Be sure to check his status before the game, but if he is ready, he is definitely a sleeper.

WR Matt Jones (JAX): Jones might be suspended soon, but as long as he can play this weekend, he is worth starting. The Bengals give up a lot of points to fantasy WRs.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): He plays Kansas City.

WR Andre Johnson (HOU): He is the hottest WR in fantasy right now, so do not even think about benching him.

WR Kevin Walter (HOU): Walter is probably worth a start this week, too. Johnson will get all the attention, which should open things up for Walter.

WR Larry Fitzgerald (ARI): He is a must-start no matter what.

WR Anquan Boldin (ARI): He showed last week that he is healthy and is a must-start.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): Avery is on a hot streak right now, and it should continue agianst Arizona, who gives up the most passing TDs of any team in the NFL (although that is somewhat skewed due to Favre’s 6 TD performance early in the year).

WR Greg Jennings (GB): Tennessee is very tough, but Jennings is very good. I think Rodgers will find Jennings for a TD.

WR Brandon Marshall (DEN): Never bench him.

WR Eddie Royal (DEN): Maimi gives up the second-most fantasy points to WRs after Detroit. Marshall and Royal should both have big days.

WR Plaxico Burress (NYG): The Cowboys are reeling right now and Plaxico should be able to take advantage of their depleted secondary.

WR Roddy White (ATL): He has burned me too many times. I will never recommend sitting him. Plus, his name is “Roddy”. You gotta love that. UPDATE: As I said, I cannot recommend benching Roddy. But do keep this in mind: White will likely be covered by Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha. And through 7 games this year, no opposing QB has thrown to a WR covered by Asomugha more than 2 times. Asomugha has only been throw at 12 times the entire year. QBs simply do not throw to the guys he is covering, because he is too good. I am sure the Falcons will use different formations to try and get different matchups for White, but with Asomugha covering him, I would not expect a big day.

WR DeSean Jackson (PHI): Seattle is not very good. Which means Jackson should be able to get free and possibly score a long TD. WR Kevin Curtis is a sleeper, as well.

WR Randy Moss (NE): Indianapolis is actually pretty solid against the pass, but I think Moss will have a good day. QB Mat Cassel is looking more and more comfortable each week, and I thin Moss will get his catches against the Colts.

TE Robert Royal (BUF): If you are desperate for a TE this week, try Royal. The Jets give up the second-most fantasy points to TEs.

TE Greg Olsen (CHI): Olsen is starting to play well, and has a great matchup this week against Detroit. Everyone wins when the Lions are in town!

TE Donald Lee (GB): Lee is definitely a sleeper this week. The Titans are generally rock-solid on denfese, but they appear to be vulnerable over the middle. Last week, Colts TE Dallas Clark had 97 yards and 2 TDs. And the Titans give up the 9th most fantasy points to TEs. I think Rodgers will look to Lee more than ususal this week.

TE David Martin, TE Anthony Fasano (MIA): Denver is soft on defense all around, so the Miami TEs make a pretty good play. However, since both see a fair amount of action, it is hard to say which one will have a better day. I would go with Martin, personally, but that is just a hunch.

TE Zach Miller (OAK): I like Miller, but he has not really performed that well this year. But he has a favorable matchup this week against the Falcons.

TE John Carlson (SEA): Carlson was hot early but has cooled off a little. He has a good matchup this week, though, so if you are looking for TE help, try him.

TE Dallas Clark (IND): Do not expect a repeat of his 97-yard, 2 TD performance last week, but he should have a good day against the Patriots.

Week 9: Buy / Sell

October 29, 2008 1 comment

With trade deadlines coming up fairly soon, now is a good time to make some moves to bolster your roster for a playoff run. Below are two lists: (1) A list of players who I would try to “buy low” and (2) a list of players I would try to “sell high”.


QB Tony Romo (DAL): Romo (finger) is expected to be back in week 11, but given the current state of the Cowboys, there is no guarantee that he will return to his pre-injury form — or at least that is what you want his current owner to believe. Look, even with the team struggling, he is still Tony Romo, and he has guys like TO, Barber, Roy Williams, and Jason Witten on offense to help him out. Do not get fooled by how poorly QB Brad Johnson is playing. Romo will put up pretty good numbers when he returns. I would see if you can prey on a desperate owner who is struggling with Romo on the bench. You will not get him for nothing, but now is probably the only time anyone would be willing to part with him.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): There are rumors swirling around Arizona that RB Edgerrin James might be on his way to the bench. Thus far, Hightower has been nothing more than a short-yardage back who gets a few TDs. But if James is benched, he could be very productive in the high-scoring Cardinals offense. Keep an eye on the James situation, and if Hightower starts to get more carries, try to make a move for him. Or you could make a move for him now by offering a little more than he is (currently) worth, if you are not risk-averse.

WR Randy Moss (NE): Although I recently said that Moss was “hot”, I also think that you could probably get a pretty good deal on him. Most Moss owners are very frustrated, because they expected 2000 yards and 25 TDs from Moss this year. You probably cannot get him for nothing, but I bet you can get a pretty good value. And he has a fairly favorable schedule down the stretch.

WR Reggie Wayne (IND): As I said in my “Hot & Cold” post, Wayne started the season very strong but has struggled lately, failing to score more than 3 points in his last two games. However, Wayne is an excellent WR, and I am confident that he will rebound. I would not expect him to be the top-5 WR that many thought he would be coming into 2008, but he should be a viable WR1 for the rest of the year. Try to make a move for him now while his value is low.

TE Jason Witten (DAL): Until last week, Witten was the top-scoring fantasy TE. But without QB Tony Romo, Witten has struggled to match his previous performances. And now he is dealing with a fractured rib that may or may not keep him from playing. You might want to take a risk and see if you can prey on a desperate owner who is concerned about his injury status (and lack of recent production), but be aware that you may be without him (and his performance) for a few weeks until he is healthy and/or Romo returns. I think it is worth the gamble, given how well he played at the beginning of the year.


RB Pierre Thomas (NO): Thomas might even be available in your league. Which would be great. One of my favorite things do to is to pick up a FA or waiver acquisition and then trade him for something more valuable. Thomas has very little value right now, but if RB Deuce McAllister misses any time as a result of being suspended by the NFL, Thomas could be in line for quite a few carries. If nothing else, you might be able to sell him high to a McAllister owner as an insurance policy.

RB Michael Turner (ATL): The window may have closed on this one, but as I have said many times before, I simply do not beleive Turner is good enough to perform well against tougher defenses. And he has proven me right so far. He is still ranked among the top-scoring fantasy RBs, though, so you should be able to move him. But keep in mind that his best days (even on paper) are behind him, so you probably cannot get a great value for him. However, he does play Oakland this week, and the Raiders allow 144 rushing yards per game. So you might want to try and move him after this weekend. His only other favorable matchup is against Denver in week 11.

Week 9: Hot & Cold

October 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are some players who are Hot & Cold going into Week 9:


QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Since missing a game with a viral infection, Schaub has averaged over 300 yards and 2 TDs per game, making him one of the top scoring fantasy players over the past 3 weeks. Although he struggled a little early, he has been playing very well lately. Other than Baltimore in week 10 and Tennessee in week 15, he faces some friendly pass defenses down the stretch, as well. So look for him to continue to perform at a high level. He might even be available on waivers in your league.

RB Ryan Torain (DEN): Torain is not “hot” because of his play, but he is “hot” due to the buzz surrounding this much-hyped rookie. And he may get a chance to show us what he is worth sooner rather than later, because RB Selvin Young (groin), RB Michael Pittman (ribs), and RB Andre Hall (wrist) are all dealing with injuries. So even though Torain has not played yet this year, he might be the healthiest RB in Denver.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): After not catching a ball in the first two weeks of the season, Avery has averaged 11.3 points per game. Much of this is due to his 169-yard, 1 TD performance in week 8, but he has been consistently improving over the course of the season. Last week will likely end up being his best game of the year, but I think it is fair to expect him to average around 8-10 points per game from here on out.

WR Randy Moss (NE): Although he did have one stinker game against San Diego (2.6 points), Moss has averaged 12.3 points in the 4 games since the Patriots bye week. Although he is nowhere near his record-setting pace of last year, this is pretty good production. QB Matt Cassel will certainly have his ups and downs, but the Patriots seem to be playing better and Moss is defnitely benefiting from Cassel becoming more comfortable in the offense.

WR Andre Johnson (HOU): As I mentioned in a previous post, Andre Johnson is on pace for an amazing year — 128 catches and 1765 yards. Over hist last four games, he is averaging 10 catches and nearly 150 yards. Which is unreal. The only negative is that he has only caught 2 TDs. But he has still been one of the top-scoring fantasy WRs. And I have a feeling he will catch some TDs before the year is over.


QB Brad Johnson (DAL): No one expected Brad Johnson to match the stats of inujured QB Tony Romo, but people also did not expect the 40-year old journeyman to be this bad. Dallas has a very talented team, bu they are struggling on both sides of the ball right now, and Brad Johnson is simply not getting it done.

WR Reggie Wayne (IND): After posting at least 14 points in four of his first five games — with 7.4 points in the other game — Wayne has come back down to earth with only 2.4 and 2.9 points in his last two outings. Some believe that QB Peyton Manning is injured and/or simply not playing well, but I also think that WR Marvin Harrison is past his prime and teams are focusing on Wayne. I think he will rebound, but he may not be the WR1 many were expecting when they drafted him.

WR Terrell Owens (DAL): Theoretically, TO should benefit from having a guy like WR Roy Williams on the other side. However, without QB Tony Romo throwing the ball, TO has struggled, averaging only 3.5 points per game over his last 3 contests. And it will not get any easier this week against the Giants.

TE Jason Witten (DAL): Do you sense a theme in Dallas? Witten has struggled with QB Brad Johnson in the game, and now he also has to deal with a fractured rib. Witten says he will play this weekend, but I have my doubts. Even if he does play, he has not been nearly as productive with Johnson at QB. Hopefully he can get healthy and will be ready to go after the bye week when Romo returns.

Week 9: Waiver Wire

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are some players to consider as you try to deal with bye weeks, injuries, and/or your team simply not performing as planned:

QB Matt Ryan (ATL): Ryan is still available in many leagues, I suspect, despite playing pretty well this year. If he is still out there, now might be a good time to add him to your roster. Over the next 6 weeks, he plays New Orleans (twice), Denver, and San Diego, who all give up a ton of yards through the air.

RB Kevin Faulk (NE): Faulk is typically used only as a 3rd down RB in New England, but due to injuries, he was used as a regular RB this past week, and had a fair amount of success (107 total yards, 1 TD).

RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis (NE): He started this past week against St. Louis, but was not very effective. As a result, the Pats turned to RB Kevin Faulk (see above). I think the Pats will use Green-Ellis and Faulk together as long as RB Sammy Morris and RB LaMont Jordan are injured, but it is hard to say who will have the better value. Keep in mind, though, that the Pats play the Colts (and their below-average run defense) in week 9.

RB Fred Jackson (BUF): Jackson has been getting a fair amount of work this year, average just over 9.5 touches and around 50 yards per game. These are not numbers to get overly excited about, but if you are desperate for RB depth, he is a guy who is likely on waivers and will offer some help. And keep in mind that the Bills will likely run the ball more and more as the weather gets worse.

RB Ryan Torain (DEN): Yeah, if you have been to this site before, you knew this was coming. I love this kid. And I think he will be the starter in Denver for the rest of the year, beginning either this week or next week. He has not played yet this year, so it may take him a week or two before he is in game shape, but I think he will be a worthwhile RB2 going forward. Denver has a very powerful offense and he should get 15-20 carries per game, if he is the starter. I already added him in my league. If you have room on your bench, I suggest you do the same.

WR Donnie Avery (STL): I think this kid is for real. He has put up pretty good numbers over the past three games (14 catches, 291 yards, and 2 TDs), but more importantly, he just looks very good playing the game. He has made some very nice adjustments to passes that other WRs might not have caught. And he has great speed. After being fairly quiet to start the year, I think he will be a good option over the final half of the season.

WR Brandon Lloyd (CHI): Lloyd has missed the past 3 games due to a knee injury, but was back on the practice field this week and should be ready to play in week 9. He had one big game in week 3, before injuring his knee in week 4. Do not expect too much, but the Bears are moving the ball surprisingly well through the air, so he could become a valuable WR3 down the stretch.

WR Nate Washington (PIT): Washington only caught one pass on Sunday, but predictably it resulted in a long TD. Washington has three long TD catches in the past three weeks, making him a somewhat attractive option at WR3. However, he only had 1 catch this week and 2 the week before, and I usually try to steer clear of WRs who are feast-or-famine (e.g. Devery Henderson). But Roethlisberger was under heavy pressure against the Giants, and should have more time to throw in the coming weeks.

TE Martellus Bennett (DAL): Bennett is on the waiver wire list and my watch list, because his value all depends on the injury status of TE Jason Witten (ribs). If Witten misses any time, Bennett should step into the starting lineup and could perform fairly well (at least when QB Tony Romo returns), meaing you should add him. But if Witten continues to play, despite his ribs, then Bennett does not have much value.

Week 9: Watch List

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Here are some guys to keep an eye on to see how they perform. They are probably not worth adding to your roster right now, but watch them and be the first to add them if they continue to play well.

QB Tyler Thigpen (KC): Thigpen is the starting QB in KC, like it or not. Huard and Croyle are on IR. So Thigpen will be the guy going forward. Initially, I thought that this would effectively kill the fantasy value of all other players in KC. But Thigpen looked sharp against the Jets on Sunday. Keep an eye on him to see how he develops over the next couple of weeks. He could be a major sleeper down the stretch.

RB Tim Hightower (ARI): Edgerrin James was limited to 17 yards on 7 carries last week, and there are rumors that rookie RB Tim Hightower may soon take over for James as the starter in Arizona. It is not clear, however, how effective Hightower will be. He has been a great short-yardage back this year, but might not be good enough to be a starting RB. However, with James signed through 2009, the Cardinals might want to find out how good Hightower is, to know whether they will want to keep James (and his salary) around for another year.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): Gage finally returned last to action on MNF against the Colts. He only had 1 catch for 6 yards, but was targeted a few other times. I am slightly concerned, though, since QB Kerry Collins threw the ball more times than he has all season, and Gage only had 1 catch. But this was his first action back in a few weeks. So keep an eye on him and see if he returns to his pre-injury form.

WR Ted Ginn (MIA): Ginn blew up in week 8 with 175 yards receiving. However, he only had 177 yards all season coming into week 8. Some might say this was his breakout game and he is poised to perform well over the remainder of the season. And others might say it was just a fluke. I say wait and see. But if you need help this week, he does play against the Broncos, who give up a ton of yards through the air and are without starting CB Champ Bailey.

WR Sidney Rice (MIN): Rice might finally return to action this week after missing a number of games with a knee injury. Rice is a big target with pretty good speed, who could benefit from playing along side WR Bernard Berrian, not to mention the improved passing attackof the Vikings with QB Gus Frerotte. However, as with most players (except for Anquan Boldin, apparently) who are coming off injuries, you should not expect much of him right away. But keep an eye on him, because he could turn into a WR3 down the stretch.

WR Mike Walker (JAX): I have liked Walker for awhile, but a knee injury set him back early in the season. However, he had a good outing against a tough Pittsburgh defense right before he was sidelined. Plus, he is set to come back this week, which is convenient given that WR Matt Jones is likely to be suspended very soon. Keep an eye on how the Jags use Walker and be quick to add him if he picks up where he left off.

TE Martellus Bennett (DAL): Bennett is on the watch list as well as my waiver wire list, because it all depends on the injury status of TE Jason Witten (ribs). If Witten can play with his broken rib, then Bennett does not have much value. However, if Witten misses any time, Bennett should step into the starting lineup and could perform fairly well (at least when QB Tony Romo returns).