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Week 4: Watch List

Here is a list of players to keep an eye on.

QB Brady Quinn (CLE): Despite getting his first win last week, Derek Anderson still played very poorly. There are rumors swirling that Quinn could be taking over soon. But until we hear otherwise, they are just that: rumors.

QB Jamarcus Russell (OAK): Russell has actually put up decent numbers this year, and his yardage totals are getting better. The Raiders are a run-first team, and we will have to see what happens now with the coaching change, but he might not be a bad backup.

RB Brandon Jackson (GB): Ryan grant is struggling. Jackson has shown some promise, although I think the Packers will stick with Grant for a while longer. Keep an eye on Jackson, though, because if Grant continues to struggle, he will get his chance.

WR Kevin Curtis (PHI): Curtis is not quite ready to return from his sports hernia surgery. Apparently, he practiced last week with the scout team, but it did not go well. It may be another week or two for Curtis.

WR Chris Henry (CIN): The Bengals got a roster exemption for Chris Henry, so they will bring him in and see what he can do. If he is put on the roster, he may be worth an add. But be careful. He is likely out of shape, and with Carson Palmer hurting, he has very little value.

TE Zach Miller (OAK): I liked Miller coming into the season, but the Raiders simply did not throw the ball enough in the first few games to make him a worthwhile start. However, he showed up in week 4 with 5 catches for 95 yards and a TD. I am still not entirely sold on the Raiders passing game, but Miller is one of the better receiving options on the Raiders team.

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