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Week 4 Start/Sit: Bad Matchups

The decision to start/sit a player really depends on your alternatives. With that in mind, here are some players/teams with some bad matchups this week that I would likely sit:

QB Matt Schaub (HOU): Schaub has not been playing well this year (1 TD, 5 INTs in two games), and life does not get any easier this weekend on the road against the Jaguars. Although Jacksonville has not lived up to expectations, they do have a solid defense (ranked 14th). Rookie RB Steve Slaton showed some promise last week, putting up over 100 yards on a tough Tennessee defense, but Schaub still struggled. Unfortunately, when when Schaub struggles, so does WR Andre Johnson struggles. However, you could easily blame Johnson, and not Schaub, for his two dropped potential TD passes last week. And he did still have 10 targets. I own Andre Johnson and I am starting him this week, but I am well aware that I could end up disappointed (again).

QB Ben Roethlisberger (PIT), RB Rashard Mendenhall (PIT): The Steelers are beat up and will be missing starting RB Willie Parker. Although I previously said Mendenhall is worth a roster spot and possibly a start if you are thin at RB, do not expect much from him against a Baltimore defense that has not allowed a 100-yard rusher in over 20 games. Mendenhall will get 20+ carries and could find the endzone, but temper your expectations, particularly with Big Ben’s injuries. Also, remember that the Ravens defense has looked dominant, but it did so against the Bengals and the Browns, teams that are simply struggling in general.

QB Kyle Orton (CHI), RB Matt Forte (CHI), WR Brandon Lloyd (CHI): The Bears have been somewhat surprising on offense this year, behind rookie RB Matt Forte and newly-appointed starting QB Kyle Orton. And last week, WR Brandon Lloyd showed signs of life with his 124-yard, 1 TD performance. But that was against the Bucs, who are not as strong as the Eagles on defense. Look for Philly Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson to blitz Orton, and look for the Philly CBs to shut down Lloyd. Fotre is a better play than Orton or Lloyd, but the Eagles have allowed less than 50 yards per game on the ground this year (best in the NFL).

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