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Week 3: Start / Sit

You should always start your studs. But here are some fringe players that I would start or sit this weekend:


QB JT O’Sullivan (SF): He has played pretty well this year, and I think Mike Martz will try to attack his former employer (the Lions). As we saw in the first two weeks of the season, the Lions are easy to score on, through the air and on the ground. I think O’Sullivan will play pretty well.

RB Michael Turner (ATL): I have already said that I think Turner will be up and down this year, and I think he will be up this week. KC is dead-last in the NFL in rushing yards allowed, so Turner should be able to find some room to run. Plus, for whatever it is worth, he has historically performed well on turf.

RB Chris Johnson (TEN): Johnson has played well this year, and should put up good numbers against the Texans. Willie Parker had a great day in week 1 (Houston’s only game this year), so I expect Johnson to do well. He is still sharing carries with LenDale White, but I think Johnson will continue to get the bulk of the yards and might break a long TD.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): With Collins at QB, the Titans are much better throwing the ball. And I think Justin Gage will be the primary target. He had a TD last week when Collins started at QB. UPDATE: Justin Gage is questionable for the game on Sunday. Check his status before game-time to be sure he will play.


QB Drew Brees (NO): Brees really misses Colston. And the Broncos have a pretty good pass defense, despite getting torched last week by the Chargers. I think Brees will struggle to put up good numbers until Colston is back. Hopefully you have better options.

QB Carson Palmer (CIN): Palmer has really struggled so far this year. And the Bengals are just playing very poorly on offense, in general. On top of that, he is up against a very good NY Giants defense, that can still put a lot of pressure on the QB, even without Strahan and Umenyiora.

RB Jamal Lewis (CLE): The Browns offense is struggling this season, and Baltimore has a very strong run defense — No RB has gained 100 yards on them in the past 20 games. I do not expect Lewis to break that streak.

RB Jonathon Stewart (CAR): Stewart played well last week, gaining 77 yards and scoring 2 TDs. However, that was against the Bears, who are not quite as strong against the run as the Vikings. (I would sit DeAngelo Williams, as well.)

WR Roddy White (ATL): The Chiefs are awful against the run, so I expect the Falcons to try and take some pressure off rookie QB Matt Ryan by relying heavily on RB Michael Turner. That being said, the Chiefs are also starting two rookie corners, so White could take advantage of them if they do pass. I just do not see them having to pass the ball much.

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