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Week 2: Buy / Sell

Some people start to panic early in the season when their so-called “studs” do not perform to expectations. And other people begin to think that the no-name guys who had one or two big games are going to continue that trend. As a result, there are some great trade opportunities for you to take advantage of. Below is a list of players I would try to trade for (buy) while their value is low and those who I would try to get rid of (sell) while their value is high.


WR Braylon Edwards (CLE): I will admit, he has looked very poor so far this year. He has dropped at least 5 passes that were easy catches, and simply looks like he is lost out there. I blame most of this on his preseason injury, but he also played two tough teams (and one in very poor conditions). But I think he (and Anderson) will turn it around. Eventually.

WR Calvin Johnson (DET): Yeah, I know he is not a guy who has underperformed by any means (and right after his 129-yard, 2 TD performance is not the most opportune time for a trade), but I think CJ could be one of the top 5 WRs this year. You will not be able to steal him away from anyone, but I would take him over almost any other WR in the league right now.

RB Ryan Grant (GB): Grant has struggled mightily so far this year due to his hamstring injury. And to make matters worse, the Packers offensive line has not been opening many holes for him. But he should be a very solid fantasy RB when he is healthy. If you can wait for him to get back to 100%, see if you can steal him away from a frustrated owner and stash him on your bench for a couple weeks.


RB Michael Turner (ATL): This might be a week too late, but I think Michael Turner will struggle this year. He is very talented, but the Falcons (and QB Matt Ryan) are simply too inconsistent. Turner will undoubtedly have a couple more big games like he did in week 1, but he will also have quite a few games like he did in week 2 as Matt Ryan struggles to adjust to the NFL. I would try to unload Turner after his next big game and try to grab a more consistent scorer.

WR Torry Holt (STL): It hurts me to write this, because I think Holt is one of the best WRs in the NFL, but the Rams might be the worst team in the league this year. He ended up with good numbers last week, mostly due to a fluke/crazy TD catch, but it will be hard for him to do that consistently. The Rams will not win many games this year, and Holt’s stats will suffer as a result.

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