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Week 2 Watch List

Here are some players that you should keep an eye on. If you have room on your bench, you can add them now. But otherwise, just keep an eye on them and consider adding them in the future.

RB Brandon Jackson (GB): Ryan Grant is clearly not healthy (hamstring). Unfortunately, GB keeps putting him in the game. If GB continue to play Grant, Jackson will get some touches but will not be worth a start. However, if the Packers decide to rest Grant, consider adding Jackson (or even RB Kregg Lumpkin, who will get some touches, as well).

WR Bobby Engram (SEA): You might get lucky and find him on waivers. He was injured to start the year, but Holmgren said he might be back after the team’s week 4 bye. If he does come back (healthy), he could put up good numbers.

WR Deion Branch (SEA): Branch is also injured, but could be back after the team’s week 4 bye. As with Engram, he could put up numbers if he is healthy. Check back for updates on his injury status.

WR James Jones (GB): The Packers have Greg Jennings and Donald Driver, but James Jones is a very talented WR. This may be a case where he is a better football player than his fantasy value may indicate, but he could put up some solid numbers, especially against favorable matchups. He is a possession WR, though, so do not expect huge yardage totals.

QB David Garrard (JAX): Garrard had a good season last year, but has already thrown as many INTs (3) has he did all last year. The interior of their offensive line is beat up, but I think Garrard and the Jags will rebound and be better eventually. Keep an eye on him. Someone undoubtedly dropped him after his first two weeks.

WR Antonio Bryant (TB): Bryant is talented but has some attitude problems. However, if Galloway is out for any period of time due to injury, Bryant could step in and make some plays. Michael Clayton has been a bust ever since breaking out during his rookie year, but keep an eye on him, as well. Someone has to catch the ball down there.

WR Koren Robinson (SEA): K-Rob was alright in GB, but he was burried on the depth chart behind some talented WRs. In Seattle, however, there are not many options right now. Do not expect much right away (he will not be in “football shape”), but keep an eye on him.

RB Ryan Torain (DEN): Torain was looking very good in the preseason before he broke his arm. I believe he is on schedule to return around week 8 or so. For some reason, Shannahan does not seem to like Selvin Young, so look for Torain to take over as the full-time RB if/when he comes back and is healthy.

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  1. Planet BRODIE
    September 16, 2008 at 5:12 pm

    CAn’t wait to see KRob drop passes as a Seahawk again! Go Pigeons

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