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Some players who have moved up in my book:

WR Justin Gage (TEN): It was just announced that Kerry Collins will be the starting QB for the Titans until further notice. Collins is a great play-action QB and the Titans love to run the ball, so he is a good fit. Plus, they have a good offensive line, so his lack of mobility should not be an issue. This greatly increases the value of Gage, who caught a TD against the Bengals.

RB Chris Perry (CIN): He might not be worth a starting spot yet, but he is worth a roster spot. He is clearly the go-to RB in Cincy, but until their offense shows some signs of life, you cannot depend on him for production. Plus, Cincy has a pretty rough schedule.

RB Chris Johnson (TEN): I have loved this guy ever since he ran a 4.2 at the combine. Then I watched him in preseason and was even more impressed. I thought he might be a little small to run inside in the NFL, but he has proven me wrong. LenDale will get the goal line work, but the Titans have shown that they will give him the ball enough times to get him solid yardage totals. And he is fast enough that I think he will score on more than a few long TD runs this year.

WR Greg Jennings (GB): Most people were fairly high on Jennings coming into this year, given his production last year, but some were worried about how well Rodgers would play. Well, I do not think you need to worry, because it seems Rodgers is just fine. Jennings should post solid yardage numbers every week and will likely score 10-12 TDs this year.

QB Aaron Rodgers (GB): Many thought he would struggle in replacing Favre, but he has played very well. He has thrown 4 TDs and 0 INTs through two games. The real test will be in week 3 against the Cowboys, but I think he will do just fine. In fact, i expect him to finish in the top 10 for QBs this year. If he does struggle against the Cowboys next week, you might want to try and swing a trade for him. He has great weapons at WR and (if GB gives Grant a rest) a good running game.

And some players who have moved down:

RB Larry Johnson (KC): The KC offense is not very good. And Johnson is not happy. I have always thought Johnson was a very good RB, but he is also the kind of player who does not play hard when he is unhappy. Look for him to continue to struggle.

RB LaDainian Tomlinson (SD): As I said in an earlier post, he is suffering from a turf toe injury. In addition to that, the Chargers offensive line has some injured players (LT, C). You have to be worried when the Chargers put up 30+ points and LT only has 26 yards.

Colts Defense: I expected them to be much better, with Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney healthy. But they cannot stop the run. Both the Bears and the Vikings put up a bunch of yards on them, and neither team has a QB that scares you.

WR Braylon Edwards (CLE): He has looked bad in the first two games. He has dropped at least 5 passes that were easy catches. I expected him to be a little rusty, since he missed time in the preseason with a foot injury, but this is ridiculous. On top of it all, Derek Andersson has come back down to earth.

QB Derek Anderson (CLE): Speaking of DA… He has been a bust, so far. I was not a big fan to begin with, but I did not expect him to be this bad. Their offensive line is solid, and Jamal Lewis is serviceable. He should be better with guys like Edwards and Winslow catching (or trying to catch) his passes. But he has not looked that great. I think he will improve, though. He started with two very tough matchups: Dallas got up early on them, and the conditions against the Steelers made it tough to pass the ball.  If Edwards can learn to catch, he should be solid, but probably not on par with last year’s breakout season.

QB Matt Hasselbeck (SEA): I am a big Hasselbeck fan, but no QB can perform when he has no one to throw the ball to. Seattle simply has no WRs right now. Branch and Engram are scheduled to return in a few weeks, but until then, expect some very ugly outings from Hasselbeck.

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