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Keep an eye on…

Here are some guys to keep an eye on over the next few weeks:

RB Darren Sproles (SD): It is not really clear what is going on with LT. He clearly is not 100%, though. And he was on the bench at the end of the game against the Broncos with ice on his foot. Sproles could be valuable if LT misses any time. Especially if you get points for return TDs.

WR Justin Gage (TEN): You might consider grabbing him now if he is available in your league. With Kerry Collins at QB, Gage had 49 yards and a TD (and that was in a very windy game in Cincy). The Titans are a run-first team, but Collins can throw much (much) better than Vince Young, so he increases Gage’s value greatly.

RB Michael Bush (OAK): First Fargas went down with a groin injury, allowing McFadden to do his best Adrian Peterson impersonation. But McFadden was on the bench at the end of the game with a turft toe injury. Keep an eye on his status (and check back for updates). Bush might be a good pickup if either McFadden or Fargas are out for an extended period of time.

WR Chansi Stuckey (NYJ): Favre has a knack for making marginal WRs into serviceable fantasy players. And he also has a knack for throwing to certain players more often than others. And after two games, it appears as though he prefers Stuckey and Cotchery to Coles. But it could change. Last week’s TD was kind of a fluke. Lets see what he does next week.

RB Lamont Jordan (NE): I will never pretend to know what is going on in the backfield in New Englad, but I think it is safe to say that they will run the ball more frequently with Cassel at QB. Morris is the goal line back, but has not been terribly effective elsewhere. If Maroney’s injury is serious, Jordan could get some work.

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